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Season 11 Update?

So, because Season 11 of League of Legends is so close to coming, I was wondering if those who enjoy reading/using my Lee Sin Guide guide would like me to continue updating it into Season 11? I'm not sure if it will become irrelevant for the new season (it most likely will), so I was thinking that due to the massive system change overhaul with Items and Runes and Ability Haste instead of Cooldown Reduction, I should update it for the new season. Thoughts?

Ekko Jungle OTP Guide

Hey guys!

I'm a jungle main who used to be an Ekko one-trick pony and am going back to being one.

I have been working on an Ekko jungle guide for the past couple months and it has now been out for about a month. If you are looking to learn how to master my favorite champion, please check it out. It's a new player friendly, very comprehensive and in-depth guide that I would love for you to check out! If the guide helps you, or you just straight up like it, please like an upvote on the guide, it's greatly appreciated and helps to get others to see it.

Click here to be taken to the guide.

Please be aware it is still a work in progress, but I am actively working on this, so please don't think that some things that could be fixed visually or textually won't be fixed.

2 Years with MOBAFire

Jesus, already another year passing by. I am back again with another blog post. :)

I guess the first major thing that kicked off this year was on November 13th of 2019. This was the point in time where I reached Administrator Rank! I was assigned with the duty of keeping the databases up to date, though it’s generally just to keep them as neat as a new pin.

A couple months passed after that time, I’m still as active on the site as I’ve always been, hanging around the forums and continuing to work on my guides. But, on January 21st of 2020 my Vi guide was able to win themselves a neat award. I was able to win the Season 10 Guide Contest! This was a really cool thing to be a part of.

Continuing on the topic of my guides, my Vi guide just recently reached 1.000.000 views as well as a whole 500 votes, you all will get my token of gratitude. As for my other guides, they’re still in development as most of them are still quite outdated. With Season 11 just around the corner I fig…

Creating My Final Guide (3rd)

Since I first created "Embrace The Ethereal" I wasn't initially planning to create another guide as the guide itself took months to write, code, and design (the design changed many times during development). However, a year later "Empress of the 8-bit Jungle" was born.

After much consideration, I've decided to work on a third and final guide. As for now what champion that may be receiving said guy is up in the air however, I am leaning towards the newest champion Seraphine. I would like to note if the guide does come out, it would likely come out sometime in 2021 after I've had a considerable amount of time on the champion and can understand them fundamentally.

I personally question the authenticity of guides that were created for a champion who was newly released as realistically the guide was rushed in order to "get ahead" of the pack usually to gain notoriety (people using Mobafire via prime to gain viewership/subscribers) as people will be looking up guides for new champions. For…


So, I went on PBE and tried some new items on a few different champions...
How do you think it will affect the game?*

1. Who do you think will be the most broken with the new items?

I haven't tried out these champions in particular, but what I've seen from some streamers I think that Talon and some battlemages like Aurelion Sol seem very broken in a long game.

2. Who do you think will not see no/very little changes?

3. Who do you think will have to change their whole or a lot of their item build?

Again, I haven't tried this out and barely ever played this champion, but my friend who mains

PsyOps pass guide

Reward for the Pass ends very soon, 2 days last time I checked.

Yes, best way to grind the pass is winning, but we all know in League of Legends its impossible to keep a win-streak in normal drafts for very long. BUT this isn't the case for Bot games! You will get 5 (max) per win, even agains't bots, Take time out of your day and try new champions, do weird builds and just have lots and lots of fun! While you get all your sweet, sweet rewards while doing so!

(not sure if this has been posted earlier, but if it has, here is a reminder! :D)


It's been over a month since I last wrote anything which probably was weird, considering I was just writing posts actively. Hiya there! I'm back with all limbs intact. School and extracurriculars have been FAR too chaotic but I'm back and I'm going to start working on my Anivia Jungle guide.

I just got a score for my Anivia Jungle guide and the score is in the YELLOW, which is expected honestly. I wasn't good at jungling then and I was making one with a very off-meta champ. I sound pretty stupid in the guide and I just read over the guide, wanting to smack my face into my keyboard the entire way through. I'm currently prioritizing my Jungle guide as a result of that and will work on my Anivia Support guide later.

I also wanna take this time to mention that I won't be nearly as active I was over quarantine and summer but I'll still be on almost every day. So don't be hesitant to shoot me a pm with anything - I don't bite :)

BBCoding Icons & Images

Hey hey,

Did you know you can BBCode in icons/images? Well I didn't :(
Now if any of you saw my Table Coding guide you know you can do a lot of things with tables using borders, background color, padding and whatnot. But apparently you can also do (some) of those things with icons/images!

Starting with icons (since you can only do 1 thing with them):
You can add borders to them using border="??px style color".
For example:
Code: [icon=ice shard size=50 border="5px solid darkslateblue"]

This is relatively simple (and MUCH easier than adding tables), however stuff like padding, background color and border-radius doesn't work (with icons).

However, all that works with images! Can you believe it??! Check it out:

Code: [img= border="5px double Mediumpurple" border-radius=50px width=600px padding=10px bgcolor=darkslateblue height=auto]

I went through a lot trouble to make sure all the i…

Yone Guide

Hi, my name is OyMega, i'm a One Trick Pony Yone, and I'm here to give you some instructions.

As first You need to know some weaknesses and flaws of Yone.
- He is weak at at lvl 1 and 2, until he gets lvl 3.
- Low pressure potential before level 3.
- It's hard to play vs ranged/mage champion before lvl 3.
So it means he has hight lvl 3 potential.

What to do when You got lvl 3?
- A classic combo is this one: (stack Q up to Q3), E, Q3, AA, W, AA, Q
and just poke with E before lvl 6

At lvl 6
- Lvl 6 combo is: (stack up to Q3), E, Q3, R, AA, W, AA, Q

- Whenever You can, just roam, take a prio of lane, and try to make some play on botlane/toplane.
- Use it for snowball


Phantom Dancer, IE, Death's Dance, Frozen Mallet, Berserker's Greaves, GA/Sanguine Blade/Rage Blade


Q, E, W (R whenever you had)

Mobafire Rules

wow I feel like a criminal after reading mobafire rules :DDD (I generally don't read such things and I don't think most people would read as well)

There were some forbidden things like abusing republish feature that I was doing. (I mean, a lot of people do it :/ it feels like if I don't do it as well my content lists will be buried under them...)

and short messages like "..." or emojis seem to be considered as spam... I thought since comments below 25w don't give points it's okay to leave short comments xD

finally, I suggest people who haven't checked it take a look.
and haha... thanks for not banning me yet 😂

have a nice day :)

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