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Dr. Mundo, Hecarim, Shyvana


I started playing League at the end of season 2 after my wife asked me to try the game out because she was interviewing with Riot. I didn't have any experience with MOBAs but I have played a lot of CRPGs. It seemed like a fun game and after a brief hiatus I started playing beginner bot matches, working my way up to intermediate bots. Once I started consistently beating intermediate bots I decided to give PvP a whirl. Wow! What difference!

I took a break from my main account and started a new account and exclusively played PvP games. It took a good chunk of Season 3, but I started consistently winning more than losing so I switched back to my main account and the ball was rolling.

Late in Season 4 I finally took the ranked plunge. I went 7-3 in my provisionals and ended up in Silver 3. My stint there was short lived as I quickly dropped to Silver 4 where I remained for the rest of the season.

With the start of Season 5 my goal is to make it to Gold.

Finally made Gold in Season 7 with my highest rating being Gold 2.

Jungle has been my primary role with Top as my secondary role, though I occasionally switch the two if I am tired of taking grief from laners.

I can play a lot of the champions with a decent level of facility. As of 12-30-2017 probably my favorite champions to play would be as follows:

Top: Nasus, Urgot, Sion
Mid: Vel'Koz if I have to
Jungle: Evelynn, Shyvana, Warwick, Maokai, Rammus
ADC: Ezreal, Sivir, Tristana
Support: Leona, Brand

Mid is still probably my weakest position. The short lane and decision making around roaming make it a challenge for me.

My goal for the 2018 season is to reach Platinum.

Thanks for tuning in and gl hf.

Season Ending Ranks

S5 Silver IV 54 LP
S6 Silver II 76 LP
S7 Gold III 19 LP
S8 Gold V 0 LP
S9 Silver I 39 LP
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