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Jayce, Hecarim, Shyvana


I started playing League at the end of season 2 after my wife asked me to try the game out because she was interviewing with Riot. I didn't have any experience with MOBAs but I have played a lot of CRPGs. It seemed like a fun game and after a brief hiatus I started playing beginner bot matches, working my way up to intermediate bots. Once I started consistently beating intermediate bots I decided to give PvP a whirl. Wow! What difference!

I took a break from my main account and started a new account and exclusively played PvP games. It took a good chunk of Season 3, but I started consistently winning more than losing so I switched back to my main account and the ball was rolling.

Late in Season 4 I finally took the ranked plunge. I went 7-3 in my provisionals and ended up in Silver 3. My stint there was short lived as I quickly dropped to Silver 4 where I remained for the rest of the season.

With the start of Season 5 my goal is to make it to Gold.

Finally made Gold in Season 7 with my highest rating being Gold 2.

Jungle has been my primary role with Top as my secondary role, though I occasionally switch the two if I am tired of taking grief from laners.

I can play a lot of the champions with a decent level of facility. As of 12-30-2017 probably my favorite champions to play would be as follows:

Top: Nasus, Urgot, Sion
Mid: Vel'Koz if I have to
Jungle: Evelynn, Shyvana, Warwick, Maokai, Rammus
ADC: Ezreal, Sivir, Tristana
Support: Leona, Brand

Mid is still probably my weakest position. The short lane and decision making around roaming make it a challenge for me.

My goal for the 2018 season is to reach Platinum.

Thanks for tuning in and gl hf.