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29 Mar

Thinking about getting back into league after some time off. Played a number of ARAM games to get my mechanics back. Udyr and Hecarim are strong and I play/have played them both a fair amount in the past.

I do not particularly care for the Turbo Chemtank build on Hecarim. The damage and clear both feel bad. Yes, you are beefier on average. Yes, it helps with ganking as least as far as CC goes. But it is my understanding that the player that popularized the build doesn't even go that build...
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06 Sep
Play around your jungler and learn gank timings. There are of course other things you can do to get better, but playing around your junlger and learning gank timings will make your game play a lot more consistent.

What do I mean by playing around your jungler?

1. Keep track of where your junlger is on the map.

If they are on the opposite side of the map then you are weak side. That means you don't have any help coming if you get into trouble, so play like it. Be conservative with your trades with the enemy laners while you are weak side. Expect that the enemy junlger or the...
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17 Dec

Doing some musing about how I want to approach the game going forward. I've been two tricking Tryndamere in Top lane and Jhin in the Bot lane. Just normals.

Probably not the best approach. But when I get tired of one lane I can go to a different lane.

In the last 20 games, I'm 4-4 on Tryndamere and 6-1 on Jhin.

Why these champions. Well I think Jhin is thematically one of the best champions Riot has ever produced and Tryndamere was simply because I watch a lot of FoggedFTW and he has...
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11 Dec

Two Diana jungle games. Super stoked for this rework as it gives Diana some gank potential pre-6. And new ability effects is a nice plus.

Okay, her first jungle clear does not feel good. Both W & Q do basically 60 base damage. W gives you a shield but it is on a 15 second cool down at rank 1, so you are probably better off starting Q which has an 8 second cooldown at rank 1.

I think max order stays R Moonfall, Q Crescent Strike, W Pale Cascade, E Lunar Rush as the...
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18 Nov
I don't recall exactly where I heard this, but I've used it and it works.

It works for any major objective such as Rift Herald, Dragon, or Baron, but we are specifically going to talk about Baron because high Silver/Low Gold teams often struggle with closing out games especially if the enemy team has decent wave clear and so you need Baron enhanced minions to help with sieging.

Push the enemy team out of the side of the jungle where the Baron resides. Then place a Control Ward in the Baron pit. One in the bush beside Red and one in the bush by Raptors and then sweep the area of...
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