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12 Sep

I'm probably never going to make an actual guide, because pain in the arse, I don't really want to maintain it, and silver scrub (so the amount I don't know about the game would fill volumes).

Anyway, I do like Shyvana but I dodn't like the AP playstyle which basically makes you a sniper that is ult reliant to be able to snipe. And since you need to autoattack to get your ult, except squishy AP champion, then you begin to see the problem.

I've been plinking around with Press the Attack and...
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29 Aug
If you are playing normals or are smurfing. Don't expect the people you are playing to play the game correctly or to even know how to pilot their champion that well. If you need for something to happen you need to direct it by communicating in a way that your teammates can understand. And if your teammate's execution ends up being bad that is an outcome that you should be prepared for.

I've just noticed of late with playing a lot of normal drafts and playing with inexperienced teammates that I will get annoyed when they mess something up. And I've had my moments where I've taken it...
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20 Aug

Played this game Monday night with a duo partner in Mid. Early game I focused on murdering Katarina every time she got out of line. Kled was struggling a bit so I eventually got Top lane to blow Kayle's Flash and ultimate, which gave Kled the breathing space to get some farm and start picking up some kills on Kayle.

Bot lane backed me up on picking up the Bot side scuttle crab since they had the push. IIRC we ended up killing Katarina and Lux in the process. There may even have...
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20 Aug

After six normal games of jungle Pantheon, I have a few thoughts on our reworked Spartan.

Skins and splasharts. Amazing. Riot really did a great job on these. Mordekaiser got shafted in comaprison. (a little sad that they took he-man pantheon and made him into road warrior pantheon).

Gameplay feels smooth outside of the ult delay, but his previous ult also had a long delay, so it feels similar.

Still has...
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16 Aug
I don't remember where I picked this up and works best if you are ahead and sturdy enough*, but if you are having trouble keeping up with a dashy [family friendly blog] like Katarina, Ekko, or Yasuo, just click on them to AA them and you will follow them around as they dash about.

*if they will just delete you, you probably don't want to do this.

Remembered it in a game last night while trying to keep up with a Katarina and an Ekko as an Olaf. I was ahead enough that they couldn't instagib me so I made sure if they tried to get off their spell rotations on one my...
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