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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Shyvana

12 Sep

Views: 1464 Shyvana

I'm probably never going to make an actual guide, because pain in the arse, I don't really want to maintain it, and silver scrub (so the amount I don't know about the game would fill volumes).

Anyway, I do like Shyvana but I dodn't like the AP playstyle which basically makes you a sniper that is ult reliant to be able to snipe. And since you need to autoattack to get your ult, except squishy AP champion, then you begin to see the problem.

I've been plinking around with Press the Attack and...
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10 Mar

Views: 928 Shyvana

I have been having some good success with Shyvana out of the jungle of late so I wanted to talk about what is working for me.

For starters Shy was my main for the majority of last season though I backed off on her after patch 6.6 when they nerfed Twin Bite which hurt her dueling and slowed her clear speed a bit. They also lowered the amount of stacks you could get from the Rift Herald from 2 to 5 for Enchantment: Devourer in Patch 6.5 which was an indirect nerf. And in Patch 6.9 they removed Devourer and replaced it with Enchantment: Bloodrazor, which was weak on...
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