I'm probably never going to make an actual guide, because pain in the arse, I don't really want to maintain it, and silver scrub (so the amount I don't know about the game would fill volumes).

Anyway, I do like Shyvana but I dodn't like the AP playstyle which basically makes you a sniper that is ult reliant to be able to snipe. And since you need to autoattack to get your ult, except squishy AP champion, then you begin to see the problem.

I've been plinking around with Press the Attack and quite often it just doesn't feel like it is getting the job done. Going Conqueror helps you deal with tanks and solves one of Shyvana's problems with itemization, which is where to build in lifesteal.

There are quite a few other options, but for secondary Future's Market has an interesting use case. IF you clear your entire jungle and get one scuttle crab on your first clear, you end up with enough gold to purhcase a Tiamat if you start with a Rejuvenation Bead. Credit to FoggedFTW as I got the idea from his Tryndamere jungle build.

The next bit of trickiness is your laners may all die before you clear your entire jungle. That is just something you are going to have to deal with since this a power farming focused style of play in which you get your items as fast as possible and then try to have a major impact on the map in early-Mid to Mid game in order to snowball the game out of control and win before their team catches up to you.

And this is not to say that your ignore lanes, but unless the gank is a sure thing given your kit, your laners kit, and the enemy lanes positioning you should favor farming until you have your Tiamat, boots of choice, and Stalker's Blade + Enchantment: Bloodrazor. Until then you are a farming machine. You hear me? A farming machine. REPEAT IT! A farming machine!

Clear your Krugs on spawn if possible. They spawn every 2 minutes and 30 seconds so plan your activities accordingly.

Finish your Titanic Hydra if ahead and if behind consider who is strong and who will get strong on the enemy team.

What does ahead mean? It varies, but basically as Shyvana if you feel like you are dictating the pace of the game (when you do go in you are getting kills and you are getting to the objectives first and securing them, then you are ahead and if you are having to react to what is going on in the game because your laners got dunked on and you are getting invaded then you are behind.

If behind. Try to get with your support and use and Oracle Lens to sweep your jungle for wards. You want to two man it so you can kill the wards quickly and sweep as much area as possible with your two sweepers. Drop Control Wards in key bushes. They may die, but at least you know where someone on the enemy team is at.

If you are so far behind you think you might die if you go into your jungle to sweep then pick up a Farsight Alteration. It is not ideal, but giving up a kill and taking your Smite off the map is very bad.

Items to consider when behind. Since you are a diver you need to survive while dishing out damage. Sterak's Gage can be a good choice. Guardian Angel and either Adaptive Helm or Spirit Visage. Of the two magic resistance items, the first is better if they have repetitive magic damage such as Teemo poison or Cassiopeia's Twin Fang and the later is better if you have a source of frequent healing on your team such as Soraka, Yuumi, or Sona.

If you wind up splitpushing then Zz'Rot Portal is also a potential option.

Ban Vayne. That champion screws you in every way possible.