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League of Legends Ancient Krug


Gold: 70
Experience: 125

Health: 1250 - 2188 (based on level)
Armor: 10/15/18/19/20 (based on level)
Magic Resistance: -15/-22/-26/-28/-30 (based on level)
Attack Damage: 80 - 296 (based on level)
Attack Speed: 0.613
Movement Speed: 185
Spawn Time: 1:42
Respawn Time: 2:30


The Ancient Krug is a large monster found on Summoner's Rift, along with one smaller Krug. They can be found next to the bottom lane for the blue team, and on the side of the top lane for the red team. When smited, the smiter receives a buff called “Gift of Heavy Hands”.


Junglers receive a bonus when using Smite on the biggest monster in a jungle camp. Using Smite on the Ancient Krug grants Gift of Heavy Hands for 90 seconds, causing every 6th basic attack to stun minions and monsters for 2 seconds (other than Dragon or Baron). Additionally, you can attack a tower to expend the buff early - dealing a large amount of bonus true damage (65 + 15 x level). This bonus can only be claimed once per spawn.

When available, the Ancient Krug emits blue bubbles. Once the bonus is harvested, the effect disappears until the Ancient Krug respawns. This effect is only visible to champions with the summoner spell Smite.

  • The duration of this bonus is unaffected by Runic Affinity

  • The stun is primed on your first attack after obtaining the buff

  • The stun lasts for two seconds

  • Attacks against champions will not increment the stacks

  • Attacks against champions while the stun is primed will not reset the counter

Info from LoLWiki

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