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Last chance to enter the MOBAFire Ironman and test your skills to compete for the $1,000 USD cash prize and a prestigious award! 🔥

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The Pride of Nazumah

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‎‎ ‎ Introduction

Welcome back LEC fans and fantasy enthusiasts! In this week's article, we'll be going over the exciting results of Week 2 in the LEC, and talking a bit about what's to come in Week 3.

In case you didn't know, Week 3 will be the final week of the group stage of the LEC. After the games this weekend, two unlucky teams are going to be eliminated from the LEC fo… read more

MOBAFire Ironman 2023!

By Hades4u on January 30, 2023

Welcome everyone to the second iteration of our MOBAFire Ironman, our most challenging community event! 🔥

For the month of February all League players will have the chance to test their gaming endurance and skills to compete for a prestigious award and the chance to win $1,000 USD cash! Don't feel intimidated and check out the details below!

Wait! Can Anyone Win The $1,000 USD Cash
read more

‎‎ ‎ Introduction

Hello there fellow LEC fans! Welcome to the second instalment in our series of articles covering the LEC Winter Split and our Fantasy Tournament!

In this article we'll be going over last week's games, taking a look at the Fantasy leaderboards, and briefly chatting about what we can expect from the games coming up this weekend. That means spoilers are up ahea… read more

Patch 13.1b Summary

By Fruxo on January 27, 2023

Hi everyone, and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 13.1b!

This patch's biggest adjustments deals with some champion adjustments, item changes and a lot of changes arriving for Fighter, Griveous Wounds and ADC items. Champions like Lillia and Zoe have been buffed and likewise champions like Kassadin and Udyr have been nerfed. This patch also includes some ARAM and general… read more

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