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Vi Build Guide by Fruxo

Jungle ✔️ How to smash Rocks

Jungle ✔️ How to smash Rocks

Updated on July 24, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fruxo Build Guide By Fruxo 2044 59 3,640,070 Views 128 Comments
2044 59 3,640,070 Views 128 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author Fruxo Vi Build Guide By Fruxo Updated on July 24, 2024
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Runes: Hail of Blades

1 2
Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Hi, I'm Fruxo and welcome to my Vi guide. I've been playing League of Legends since September 2014 in Season 4 and have been maining different roles & champions since the day I started. Vi was the only champion I played whenever I got jungle and I still play her to this day. The top rank I've achieved is Diamond I in solo queue. If you have any questions or suggestions about the guide then feel free to leave a comment, I try to respond to everything. If you want to support me, an upvote or +rep would be very appreciated.
Before we begin, I'd like to give a big thank-you to Katasandra for her massive help with coding this guide (as well as my other guides). Always helping me make this guide look great but also as mobile-friendly as possible. Be sure to check out her how to write a guide tutorial & coding guide as well as her own guides!

To be fully honest, Vi is a very interesting champion. As a Diver class she's made to be the more mobile portion of the Fighter class. This is the sole reason she excels at singling out high-priority targets to blitz toward, immediately forcing those targets (and their teammates) to deal with her presence or she will destroy everyone. Even though Divers aren't as durable as e.g. the tanks or juggernauts of the world, they can still take their fair share of punishment while bringing enough damage to be a real kill threat if left unchecked.
High Mobility
Can gank easily
Good Peel
Can shred Tanks
Easy to pick up
Q has to hit
Falls off during late
Weak level 1 & 2
Q & R can be interrupted/cancelled
R can put you in bad situations
Struggles against most Meta Junglers

Vi's weakest point in the game is by far her early stages. Her cooldowns are quite high and she doesn't have access to Vault Breaker until level 3. Denting Blows is almost mandatory at level 1 for a stable clear and even though you can choose between either Q or E at level 2, Relentless Force will almost always be the superior choice. Because of this she can be invaded by the enemy jungler at the early stages of the game. Even then her gank set-up is far too strong with both Q and R at her disposal.

Cease and Desist gives her a lot of lockdown potential. This makes the midgame her strongest point in the game only because she gains access to so much freedom. With this said she does fall off in the late game (not too much but it shows) compared to other junglers, and will have a harder time to transfer her lead into a win the longer the game stalls out. Even with this weakness she still remains relevant because of her CC and overall damage.

As you might have already thought, Vi works very well in teamfights. She will always be able to deal with the frontline carries/tanks, stopping them from going anywhere near her carry if needed and her Cease and Desist will always give her the opportunity to target the backline once the moment arrives. She can have some troubles to stay alive as she only has few items that makes her "tankier", but in a nutshell you should be fine.
Passive: Blast Shield
Useful Tips
The more times you use Denting Blows the shorter the cooldown will get
Try to time it with your Relentless Force when doing camps so you can get the most out of the shield

Things to note
Don't always rely on the shield during fights considering it's not that big
Blast Shield gives you a shield everytime you use any ability. Being able to utilize this power-up passive into your favor, can make or break any fight you enter.

It's great to have when you're clearing jungle camps and its main purpose is for said camps. Wait for your Blast Shield to come back up before using any ability as otherwise you'll lose out on the free shield that you get from it. By utilizing the passive, you can continue to stay healthy throughout your clear and won't be as susceptible to invades because of that lack of health.

The passive is really nice to have during most fights that occur, and even more so during teamfights. Being able to know when your shield is about to come up can give you that extra piece of survivability so that you don't die when you for example dive into the enemy backline. This applies even more pre-6 when you don't have access to Cease and Desist yet.

Q: Vault Breaker
Useful Tips
Always try to use the fully charged version of the ability to get the most damage possible both for camps and targets
Can use without charging if you need someone to stay in place
Can be used to get over almost any wall on the map

Things to note
Keep in mind that the ability can actually be cancelled, Trundle's Pillar of Ice is one such example
If you miss Q, your entire gank will immediately fail unless they're terrible
Vault Breaker is her most important ability as it provides her with a strong ganking tool, proper camp clears as well as the ability to engage & disengage fights. You can call it a basic engaging tool that also has a bit of crowd control with it. If you're surprising someone in a bush, you should be able to charge it up fully before engaging onto the enemy since you're in fog of war.

One of its greatest uses is for ganking as you can predict spells that your opponent might use to escape your gank, such as Flash. Ask your teammates before a gank if they have any spells up and then make a decision accordingly. If they do have a way to escape your ability, try to aim it behind them to predict that ability (more info in combo section). If they can't escape, just hit them face first. In order to set-up a gank that won't fail, you can use the ability immediately but sometimes it's better to charge and wait a little bit before use and see what the enemy does, they might just waste a spell freely, giving you an easy hit.

You can also use Flash together with Vault Breaker when you have it completely charged up to both extend the range of the ability & make it harder to react against (explained more in the combo section).

W: Denting Blows
Useful Tips
Extremely good when shredding down Tanks whilst being completely free as it's in your kit
Reduces your passive cooldown every single time you proc it so always keep auto attacking stuff
This is probably one of the abilities you never really think about, but it's one of my favorites in her kit. Whenever you hit that final 3rd attack on an enemy, that's when things start to become extremely fun. Why? Because when that final attack hits, the target has lost max health, has had their armor reduced & you now attack even faster.

This also basically means that with this ability Vi can fit into any kind of enemy team composition. Whether you're going a simple assassin build on a squishy enemy team, or going more of a bruiser build against tankier teams, this ability will always be amazing to have. The only thing that's different is your item choices, which we'll be going over a bit later in this guide.

E: Relentless Force
Useful Tips
Can be used on a minion, plant or tower if you need to reach a target that's running away with low health

Things to note
If you mess up a reset, you'll lose out on some potential damage
This ability is indeed an auto attack reset. I could probably come up with something really cool about this ability, such as the fact that it's an auto attack reset, but really like, it’s just an auto attack reset.

It’s not a bad ability at all, you can proc your passive more often and it also resets your auto attacks in order to give you your Denting Blows proc quicker along with more damage faster. It's also a great synergy with Hail of Blades because you'll be able to do two auto resets as well as on-hit effects as it procs easily when making champion contact.

Try to practice this ability in either a ranked flex game, normal game or the practice tool as it'll allow you to make perfect resets the more you play Vi. Being able to make better resets will allow your burst potential to be faster and shorter no matter what build you run.

R: Cease and Desist
Useful Tips
Try to use your ultimate as a last resort, if you absolutely have to in order to get a gank to work
Most of the time it's better to also save it for a key carry during a teamfight

Things to note
Keep in mind that your ult can also be cancelled, an annoying Zhonya's Hourglass is one of the few ways to do it
Remember that it can put you into extremely bad situations sometimes so use the ability with caution, even if it's fun
At last we have her ultimate. Now this is one of the most enjoyable ultimates in the game in my opinion, her Cease and Desist is the singular ability that will destroy someone's life. It’s a point-and-click single target ability where you literally just dash to the target dealing damage, you're also immune to all form of crowd control and yeah, it’s an amazing ability when you're chasing someone.

Although it's for a single target it can still apply CC to more than one target. Along with knocking up the target you want, it will also push any enemies in your path to the side as you move towards your target, this is really good to keep in mind if you want to group up enemies in fights. You could also use Cease and Desist in a gank as an opener for quick CC, or saving it for after the target has spent their escape spells in order to close the gap & secure a guaranteed free kill.

Her Cease and Desist is incredible. Want to talk about fun abilities? Then this is it. You just choose a target & immediately ruin their existance. Only death will be able to stop this dunking, literally only death, except a few items & some random interactions from champions can stop you from dunking on these poor enemies.
Skill Sequence





































Always skill this first. It's your main tool for taking camps. It's also good for trading with enemies as you reduce their armor whilst giving attack speed more passive shields.
You'll be unlocking this at level 2. Use it to reset your autos, get more shields cuz of passive timing & to proc Denting Blows much faster.
Your main ability for ganking, objectives, invading and so forth. Generally to do stuff around the map. However, you need the other abilities to survive the camps beforehand.
This is your main damage & engaging tool, always max it first. You'll be using it to do practically anything around the map, thus it'll always be useful to have.
Max this one second. You can opt to max it third after your W if you're against 3+ tanks & is in need of armor shred. Otherwise, this ability is better off as a secondary max.
Typically always third max. It'll increase your armor shred, overall damage & attack speed. Max it last if you're not against any tanks otherwise max it second.
Try to put points in it whenever you can. It'll make you stronger whilst also just making you more of a champion when you have it available. It's your ultimate after all.
So, here's an overview of which summoners you can take on Vi. You should always run Flash & Smite for very obvious jungling reasons. Then we also have the situational two smite options that you can go for which is Gustwalker Smite & Scorchclaw Smite.
Slot 1
Slot 2
Of Course
This is a key spell for every champion in League of Legends, although some still perform great without it, it’s still very useful. It’s also insane to have on Vi because she has an amazing combo to use in order to pick up kills when you're ganking your allies. As a jungler your main focus is to lie in the shadows and farm, and then pop out from unexpected places in order to get an advantage, Flash is great for that purpose, it’s also great for getting out of any tricky situations that occur.
A must have on every Jungle champion. You're able to clear the jungle camps to get up levels to gank, you get the ability to stay in tact when it comes to levels & items. It helps you with taking objectives like dragons, herald & baron. It gives you the ability to have freedom over where you go, the entire map can be your zone. At this point it’s pretty obvious.
Strong for one reason, the ramping movement speed. If you're against champions that cannot really duel you effectively, then this option is a pure must. With the extra movement speed you gain from entering and leaving brushes as well as killing large monsters, you can very effectively roam around the map and make getting kills or secure objectives easier.
Against champions that can duel you, examples of these are Master Yi, Udyr, Sejuani, Skarner & Hecarim but there's many more. Scorchclaw Smite is amazing to pick up whenever you're preparing to brawl with the enemy jungler a whole lot as it makes duels much easier to handle due to the ember stacks providing damage.
Primary Keystone
The most common keystone as it's the best extended burst damage option. Hail of Blades requires a lot more mechanical skill over the other options for a keystone because of the fact that it's used to output as much damage as possible. However, this shouldn't dissuade you from not using it because you lack mechanics. You'll find yourself having much higher attack speed throughout your combos in comparison to the others, allowing your bursts to be a whole lot quicker and for you to also be able to fit in an extra auto attack in your standard combo. It's extremely consistent and works very well in combination with her kit.

other options
Minor Runes
Domination is mostly taken as a primary tree. It can be taken secondary for the Conqueror page in which case it offers extra damage and sustain.
Gives a small but good amount of burst damage after using your dash, especially paired with HoB.
Pretty self-explanatory, it'll give you some AD once you pick up a few kills and assists.
Gives you a lot more movement speed to work with and can be really good for moving around the map assuming you can stack it effectively.
Also a good rune to have as it reduces your ultimate cooldown, meaning you can have it up more often if your team would be in need of more CC.
Precision can both be taken as a primary and secondary tree. When taken it offers extra benefits such as more attack speed, tenacity or health from takedowns along with many more.
Can't stress enough how good this rune is. Being able to get gold and health from every takedown is sick.
Gives a lot of attack speed if you're running any other rune page other than HoB, such as Conqueror.
Gives 5 less ability haste than Ionian Boots of Lucidity but is incredibly good when needed.
If the enemy team has a lot of squishies, this rune will become extremely good.
Somehow underused, gives increased damage whenever you're low which will often happen since you're a jungler. It's also really good to have for the assassin build where you aren't very tanky to begin with, if you manage to get low with that build you'll still be able to do more damage.
Inspiration can be built against most teams and works the best paired with a keystone that still allows your damage to shine, whilst giving you the ability to obtain other stats that aren't just defenses (e.g. Conqueror).
Provides you with a pair of free boots after 12 mins. If you manage to get a takedown (kill/assist), it gets reduced by 45s each time.
Gives a lot of summoner spell & item haste that's useful for reducing important cooldowns (e.g Guardian Angel / Flash).
Stat Shards
The standard stat shards on Vi. Feel free to swap Health Scaling for Tenacity and Slow Resist if against a team composition with a lot of CC threads.
This chapter features the items Vi can build and when and why you build them. To help you on your way I created some item sets you can import into your league client!
How do I import item sets?

Item set code: Jungle Build
Starting Items
Gustwalker will be your best choice if you want to gain more movement speed. This is the pet that gives you the ability to traverse the map and be included in more plays and objectives due to being able to reach the fights and skirmishes before they are over. You cannot go wrong here.
Scorchclaw will be your best choice if you want to brawl with the enemy junglers. The main reason for using this pet is against opponents that otherwise would just shred you down (e.g. Udyr, Master Yi and Skarner) had you gone for Mosstomper instead.
This is the most common potion to go for no matter what smite option. It'll always be able to give you enough health back to sustain yourself whilst clearing the jungle early on and considering its low price it's always decent to go if you're lacking sustain.
The usual starting trinket. It helps with getting early vision and will always be a generally good choice. You can go for it at the start and use the ward in one of the pixel brushes in midlane so you can then change it to Oracle Lens to have during the entire game.
Provides the ability to deny the enemy vision by removing their wards. You'll have this item most of the time and you should almost always go for it. Being able to deny vision is absolutely huge for important objectives & fights and will matter more in higher elos.
If your team as a whole is behind, Oracle Lens will not be as useful seeing as you won't be able to use it that much. It'll be hard to deny vision for an objective etc. if you can't contest it to begin with. In such cases, get this item as it provides long range vision instead.
First Base
The best basing scenario is when you can afford a 1k+ gold item (e.g. Caulfield's Warhammer or Tunneler) which can be used to build into Sundered Sky on your first base. However, sometimes you won't have enough gold for either of them because of a bad invade, dying or from a terrible gank, in such a case you should look to get one of the items below instead.
Builds into Cleaver, is a great health item you can get early on for 800g in order to get something on your plate.
If you're having a real bad time, you can opt to buy this for 350g to get some damage to work with.
Will provide you with some great early health due to the fact you can build it into a Kindlegem later.
Early boots will help with dodging skillshots. It will also make it a lot easier to move around the map.
Don't forget to buy extra potions for more sustain in case you chose not to start with a Refillable Potion.
If you have 75g left, buy one to use for vision in bushes or to prepare for an important objective.
Build these boots if the enemy team is either completely full AD or has more physical damage than magical damage because of the armor it gives. It's also a very good purchase if they have multiple auto-attacking champions (e.g. Yasuo).
Get these when the enemy team has multiple CC threads or a lot of AP champions. It can also be a good idea to buy these if you are playing against an AP (burst) champion that is already ahead/fed (e.g. LeBlanc or Fizz with many more).
Item Pool
A very good item to get and currently her most popular item. This is mainly because of the additional damage it's able to provide along with its ability to heal you. I build it first every single game purely because of how strong it is.
This is one of the best assassin items you can build at the current moment. You can activate the passive really easily making it insanely good to have in conjunction with other items. This is my personal enjoyment for a lethality oriented build.
If you get ahead, got a ton of gold and you believe in yourself, you can take this gamble. It’s a high risk high reward kind of item. Most of the time there are better assassin items that you can build, but if you can get away with building this then it's going to be extremely strong.
Gives you armor penetration in the form of a passive that reduces armor. Along with this it provides you with more health because of Kindlegem, ability haste and damage. It's incredibly useful if you're behind and there are 2 tanks or less on the enemy team.
Like with Black Cleaver, it gives you a ton of useful armor penetration, critical strike chance and damage. However, if you're against 3+ tanks in the enemy team and you're in need of more armor pen, this is an absolute dream come true.
If you need armor penetration fast, you can also opt to get this one earlier in the game and sit on it until you need to upgrade it.
Very common item to buy at this point due to how often healing champions & life steal items are bought (e.g. Vladimir / Soraka / Dr. Mundo / Bloodthirster). Also buy against heavy AD teams due to the Armor and its passive (Since chempunk doesn't provide defenses).
If you just need quick healing reduction at the start of the game, you may choose to sit on this item to deal with AD enemies.
Like with Thornmail, this item also helps with health reduction and is very strong against certain champions and items that the enemy team may run. If the enemy isn't AD centric and you don't require defenses, you can opt for this item.
If you just need quick healing reduction, you may also choose to build and sit on this item to deal with the enemy team.
Pick it up if you need survivability for incoming teamfights or skirmishes as it makes you harder to burst. It's also a good option for the healing it provides. It can be built as a 2nd item or delayed a slight bit to be able to get a minor item beforehand such as an Executioner's.
Get this when the enemy team has a lot of bursty AP champions that are incredibly ahead/fed (e.g. LeBlanc again). You get a ton of free magic resist and the shield will be able to save you more times then I can even count.
If the burst champions aren't that fed but still a threat, you can choose to build this item and sit on it until you absolutely need to upgrade it.
Get this when the enemy team has a lot of heavy AP champions that deal a lot of damage but doesn't deal burst damage the way a LeBlanc would. This item increases your overall health and health regeneration by a large amount and makes you way tankier against AP units.
You can also choose to buy this and sit on it until you need more, only upgrading it to Visage when needed.
Pretty good item to pick up mainly for the armor and passives. Some of the damage that you take will be reduced and likewise you'll reduce the attack speed of enemies that are near you. If you don't need the slow from Randuin's (e.g. a slippery ADC) but still need the effects, you can pick this item.
A great go-to item you can pick up in most games. The general stats as well as both passives from the item is huge against heavy AD teams, coupled with the synergy it has with Sterak's shield will make it a great overall purchase.
If you're against a fed enemy that does a whole lot of basic attacks. This item is fantastic when dealing with fed ADCs or auto attackers like Yasuo because of its passive and item active giving you a whole lot of stick potential to work with.
Always a useful item but the reviving passive will only work for a single fight. If you have gold for it before a very game-deciding fight (e.g. fighting for baron/elder) then try to pick it up. If you built GA & already used the revive, sell it and build another item (passive cooldown is 5 minutes).
Very self-explanatory kind of item, build this against enemy targets or specific items that can provide very big shields for the enemy team (e.g. Sterak's Gage, Maw of Malmortius, Janna or Taric for a few examples).
If you're completely new to jungle, this role will be drastically different from any other role in the game, it's mainly because the entire map is basically your lane and you do not have a set place to be. Likewise minions will not arrive to you and instead you have to walk to your own "minions" etc. With that said, don't be frightened, once you learn the fundamentals of the role, it's actually a lot easier to manage.

This section is rather large so here is an overview of all the general topics that will be covered:
Early Game
A really ideal kind of early game you could go for in my opinion.

Key points:

- Kill the Support/ADC
- Clear out enemy Control Wards
- Secure the first Scuttle Crab
- Transfer lead you just got into objective

Make the most out of your first clear! There are junglers that have different jungle paths and understanding where they start will help you dominate them early, you'll also be able to path correctly to make chances for invades or counter ganking. One tip is to look which enemies get back to lane late, they probably leashed their jungler.

Sharpen your map awareness! One of the biggest differences between a high elo player, in general, is how much they look at the map a game. Educate yourself to look on your minimap so that you can gather important information for you & your team.

Understand how and when to invade. When the rival jungler ganks a lane, they will not be anywhere else on the map. No champion can be two places at once. Thus if they're ganking there will be a free period of time where you can look to invade to steal camps, if none are there then put down vision.
Ganking & Counter ganking Know when to gank & when not to gank. Every jungler can gank early - it's a myth that they can't. While it's true that some junglers require their Ultimate such as Shyvana or Master Yi, they do have parts of their kit that allow them to gank early. If you can find a good balance between ganking and farming, it'll skyrocket your jungling success tenfold.
Mid Game
Objectives, objectives, objectives! - Yes, kills and dragons are still important. But not more than towers. Taking down towers not only provides you gold but also cracks the map wide open. It gives your laners opportunities to roam a lot more, assisting your team.

Rift Herald! I always notice most of the beginner players completely ignore the Rift Herald. Why? It's probably the strongest mid-game objective you can ever get. Globally, the winrate for the team who captures the Rift Herald is about 60%+.

Herald is so useful because it relates, again, to taking towers. Simply using it to get a singular tower is worth it! Most players hesitate and tries to save it for some "big play" which never occurs, thus just leading to it getting used for nothing & killed instantly by the enemy or just expiring by default.
Decent use of a rift herald. However, just getting 1 singular tower is equally as worth it.

Key points:

- HP too low, can't participate
- Team slightly ahead, works anyways
- Rift herald at my disposal
- Free 1-2 towers, regardless of lane

Late Game
Dragon Soul
Obtaining the dragon soul is usually the biggest win condition for most games. This is why you should always prioritize dragons early and often because of the stats they provide. Some individual dragons are less important to get than others but the dragon soul is always a buff your team should fight over by default. Also don't get tunnel vision, the dragon soul is way more important than a baron buff, not the other way around.
Baron Nashor
This is another common win condition that you can go for. If you're in the mid-game or the start of late game, try to look to do this objective! The buff will allow you to push your leads further by sieging towers or even end the game immediately.
Elder Dragon
If the game stalls out long enough, this will be your next important objective. Elder Dragon is way more important to get than the baron buff because of the execute. Try to look for fights after you get this objective.
This chapter features all the combos that Vi is able to do and how you can do them. There might be even more then what is listed here as these are just the most common combos that are used.
Meaning of Icons
Some examples
This is your bread and butter combo for any ganks that you'll ever make. Practicing this one in particular is very important to succeed on Vi, if you can't do the combo naturally, then practice more.
Some examples
This is an extended version of the Initiate combo, where you'll be trying to put out as much damage as possible, in the quickest time possible. You'll be using this combo a lot pre-6.
Flashy Q
Some examples
It's one of Vi's most notable combos as it's pretty much as the name suggests, very "flashy". It's a good way to make use of champions that does or doesn't have Flash by removing their react time to your gank and the combo will always net you something. Either you blow the enemy laners Flash, forcing them to play a lot safer in lane or you'll straight up get a free kill instead if they don't have summoner spells available.
Extended Q Range
Another version of the Flashy Q, where you won't be flashing directly. You can use it to make sure that you'll still hit your Vault Breaker even if the enemy laner decides to waste a summoner spell or if they manage to dodge your ability. It can net you kills as it completely removes any sort of react time for the enemy, they won't expect the ability to hit them. Is harder than the previous combo though.
This combo puts together the Initiate + DPS and adds on a secondary late ultimate CC to make sure that the enemy really does die during the fight or when you're trying to gank your allied laner. Has multiple variations of the combo so it won't always be the same one, key factor is that the ultimate comes late.
Another version of the Long CC combo where you'll be focusing more on having your ultimate CC come in earlier. This can be extremely useful when you're locking down a low health target. Also has different variations of the combo, this isn't the only one, key factor is that the ultimate comes into play earlier.
As an ending note, these combos mentioned above are every single possible one that you can do on Vi and they work extremely well. Now there's the last question, what about her full combos?

There aren't specifically a combo considered to be "the full combo" for her as her full combos are made by combining smaller combos. For example, Initiate + Long CC might be one full combo whereas DPS + Quick CC is another full combo. DPS + Ultimate might be one full combo whereas Initiate + Ultimate + DPS is another full combo. There are so many different combinations for full combos on Vi that specifically going over every single one is going to take forever.

Instead, just be you! Be creative & theorycraft your full combos. No matter how you do them, when you decide to do your Initiate combo or when you decide to use your ultimate, a full combo can always be defined in a ton of different ways. It's just about how you want to create those combos in order to reflect the game when you need them the absolute most. This in order to make the best possible outcome for your own situation.
Familiarize yourself with these spawn times and respawn timers so you know what to expect in-game.
Wolves, Raptors
Spawn At: 1:30
Respawn Time: 2:15

Gromp, Krugs
Spawn At: 1:42
Respawn Time: 2:15

(Blue Sentinel, Red Brambleback)

Spawn At: 1:30
Respawn Time: 5:00

Rift Scuttlers (in river)
Spawn At: 3:15
Respawn Time: 2:30

Rift Herald (in Baron pit)
Spawns At: 8:00
Respawn time: 6:00
Despawns At: 19:45 (19:55 if in combat)
Elemental Drakes
Spawns At: 5:00
Respawn Time: 5:00
Elder Dragon
Spawns: 6:00 after a
team gets 4 Drakes
Respawn Time: 6:00
Baron Nashor
Spawns At: 20:00
Respawn Time: 6:00
Red - Krugs - Raptors - Gank Mid/Wolves - Blue - Gromp/Scuttle - Gank Top:
An XP efficient route starting from Red that'll allow you to reach level 3 right from the raptors camp. Afterwards you can either choose to get a gank off on Mid or to get your Wolves if the lane isn't gankable. If can contest scuttle then do it, otherwise just take your Gromp & recall so you can get the scuttle on the opposite side (unless you can gank top).

Blue - Gromp - Wolves - Gank Mid/Raptors - Red - Krugs/Scuttle - Gank Bot:
The other XP efficient route starting from Blue that'll allow you to reach level 3 from the wolves camp. Afterwards you can look to gank Mid or get your Raptors if it's not gankable. Again contest scuttle if you can, otherwise do Krugs & recall to get the other scuttle (unless you can gank bot).

Red - Blue - Gromp - Gank/Invade OR Blue - Red - Raptors - Gank/Invade:
Good starting jungle route from either side that'll allow you to reach level 3. Afterwards you can either choose to get a gank off on the lane corresponding to your side or invade the enemy jungle if said lane isn't gankable. Very usable route if you're against an enemy jungler that wants to steal your buffs early ( Nunu & Willump, Ivern).
Red - Krugs - Raptors - Enemy Blue - Enemy Wolves - Enemy Gromp - Scuttle/Gank OR
Blue - Gromp - Wolves - Enemy Raptors - Enemy Red - Enemy Krugs - Scuttle/Gank:

These are the XP efficient routes that you can make use of if you're planning to do some vertical jungling at any point in your own games. Both of them work equally as fine regardless of what side you're starting.
What is Vertical Jungling?
When both junglers are repeatedly clearing one half of the allied jungle & enemy jungle, favoring one side of the map. This will split the map into a "strong side" and "weak side" for each team.

It can be an active choice you make or a forced action due to a poor matchup. If the opponent say steals your blue, you can opt to go steal their blue which may force you to vertically jungle according to the side you're on, which may further impact where you'll be ganking next.

Example of an active choice is if your team decides to focus all your pressure on one side of the map (there's a hypercarry you want fed) at the expense of the other in order to gain a massive lead (though this works a lot better in arranged teams than it does in solo queue).

It's pretty complicated for newer junglers to grasp as it can be pretty messy outside of coordinated teams. Be open to the concept and feel free to practice it, but for most players I'd rather recommend sticking to more standard routes or simple, quick invades while you're still learning the role.

Taken from PsiGuard's Evelynn guide you can find here (with permission).
Clearing Tips
Red: Has a larger attack range compared to the Blue buff therefore you can't really kite it. Because of this you'll have to stand and auto attack it until its health gets to around 60 (for a regular auto) or 120 (W proc). Once it reaches any of these values, start to move down to Krugs & auto it again.
Raptors: AA > E > AA one of the small birds closest to the edge and make sure the E damage lands onto all the birds. Then focus the large bird and get your W proc twice. Move back and AA > E > AA another small bird, to hit all the birds again & kite the remaining 3 small ones with 1 AA each.
Krugs: Smite the large stone, do a AA > E > AA on the small stone, make sure the E damage connects to the large one. Then kite around the large stone & make sure your 2nd E connects to the small one. Now focus 1 of the 2 medium stones & E all 4 small stones to get passive for Raptors.
Blue: Charge a full Vault Breaker and do a AA > E > AA. Then kite it either towards Gromp or the Scuttle crab depending on what you want to do (since it spawns at 3:15). Blue has a short attack range so you can kite it much easier. Once it goes below 450 health you can Smite if necessary.
Gromp: Simple full charge Q > AA > E > AA then auto it down until you get your Vault Breaker again. If you then use your Q quickly, you can save yourself an extra 1-2 autos so you can then auto it once more and recall. You don't have to fully finish it off as the burn will kill it on its own.
Wolves: Do a full Vault Breaker on all wolves and begin autoing the big one. Keep your Relentless Force for a few autos (cuz of shield passive). Then kite them towards Blue & get your last 2 autos on the small wolves then the last 2 on the big one.
Jungling 101
This chapter will feature a few more jungle aspects that you can make use of in your own games if you're interested in becoming a lot better at the jungle role or simply want ways to get small leads or advantages.
Lane Priority
It's another term for lane dominance. It's decided by whoever is able to gain control of the lane and aggressively shove it in their favor, basically meaning whoever has the winning lane that can sufficiently waveclear.

Why does this matter? When you move into enemy jungle territory or simply contesting scuttle crabs, you're at risk of getting collapsed on by the enemy lanes. However, if your allies have lane priority, they can effectively back you up first & give you help on your invade. Your allies lose nothing in return whilst the enemy has to choose between losing a minion wave of exp & gold to tower or giving you an advantage such as killing the rival jungler, stealing camps or getting tons of vision for your team.

The things you can do on the map is somewhat of a blockage by the strength of your lanes. If your team can back you up, you can safely proceed with anything you want to do and achieve significant gains & leads with minimal risk of any disadvantages.

Having this said, getting collapsed on when you're in enemy territory does happen way less in lower elos compared to higher elos where both junglers and laners are more knowledgeable.
Counter-jungling & Invading
Counter-jungling/Invading means to go to the opposing jungle with the intent of putting down vision, taking down the rival jungler, stealing camps and putting the enemy team at a disadvantage. It can also give you crucial information on the enemy jungler's whereabouts so you can notify your allies.

It's a powerful way to earn map control and to provide your team with the necessary information to hopefully be able to make the right decisions, such as to avoid an incoming gank from the opposing jungler.

When you steal camps from the enemy, not only will you become richer, but you'll also deny the enemy from being able to farm that camp until it spawns again. It's a very good strategy that junglers of higher elo will always apply to their games.

Keep in mind! It isn't just about the rewards. Poorly-executed invades can irreversibly damage your team's chances of winning. If you spend valuable time invading, you lose out on time that can be used to gain leads elsewhere through traditional means such as farming your camps or ganking lanes.
Tracking the Enemy Jungler
In order to proceed with your invades, you must know where the enemy is located to plan out what you intend to do. After all, you cannot kill a jungler that isn't there and you can't steal camps that have already been taken. For this concept to work, you'll need either proper vision set-up and/or even foresight of the rival jungler & their pathing.

Vision set-up is when you ward camps in advance before deciding to invade in order to know ahead of time when the rival jungler will pass by that camp. For example you can ward their Red to see where they start or Wolves/Raptors at 1:30 to check if they pass by it later, limiting where they could possibly be.

Foresight is when you already know the rival jungler's pathing and where they'll start. To know their pathing, you must think like the enemy jungler. If you were them, where would you start & what would you do? For example, Twitch will mostly always start Red & proceed to get a gank off in a lane afterwards.

There are rare situations to these concepts, which is any high-AoE jungler such as Kayn & Zac, that can start a variety of unpredictable clears. Or there are junglers who likes to steal camps immediately as fast as the first camp such as Nunu & Willump or Ivern. There are also junglers who are fine with starting from either side and doesn't have a specific kind of clear (Think about us for example).
Having a Game Plan
When you think about it, League isn't actually that different from any normal Card game such as Legends of Runeterra. In both games you'll always have certain factors that are fully under your control and factors that have an element of uncertainty that you may have zero influence in changing.

For example, you have full control over the cards that you put into your deck before you look for a match and you'll already have an idea of what cards are out there so that you can optimize your own deck for the popular decks you're expecting to face. However, until you actually play against your opponent, anything is possible.
In League of Legends, your "deck" would be similar to your ability to choose your main role, your champion and your rune pages. At Champion select, apart from getting auto-filled or having your champion banned, you’re generally able to get the champion you want. However, outside of making suggestions or requests, the champions that your allies choose are completely out of your control.
When the game begins, you have to play to the best of your ability in relation to the game state presented to you. Sometimes, everything goes well & you get all the cards you need - You gank a lane, get a kill and the game is in your hands. Other times, everything goes badly & you don't get good cards whilst your opponent seemingly hits every card they need - Same as starting the game losing every lane. So, how can you consistently succeed when there is so much variability between games? The key is having a game plan, to know what you're going to do next before you even arrive to that point in the game.
You should know by now how hectic League can get. Sometimes weird stuff happens and a champ that should be weak early gets insanely strong or a champ that is strong early fails miserably. For these cases you have to adapt to the state of the game. One example of good game plans is from looking at pro-play. Solo queue is, of course, a lot more disorganized so sometimes you'll just have to work with what you got. Just make sure to pay attention to the loading screens & look at tab often, evaluate all the information at your disposal.
Playing to your Win Conditions
A win condition are a set of goals that you’re trying to achieve because they represent the best path to attain victory. It guides your thought process & can change as the game goes on. Try to think of it as your Plan A > can lead to Plan B > C and so forth. Achieving these doesn’t always guarantee victory as your opponents will also fulfill their own win conditions. In general, if you follow your win con, you’ll have a higher chance of winning.

Example, you have a Riven that's getting roasted up top whilst your Lucian & Braum is winning their lane at bot. Your win condition is ganking bot and continuing to snowball them even harder. You should not gank top period. She won't get back into the game with ganks alone & you're putting yourself at risk of dying as well. Riven will have to accept that she's weak side, whilst you're making the strong side even stronger and vice versa. Just accept one lane is going to be weak and gank the stronger side instead.

Seeing the win cons in champions is another factor. For example, Draven who is fully centered on dominating the early game into a victory is completely different from a Vayne who is weak and would rather play safe & farm early instead of fighting and wasting time. Seeing these win cons will come with time but it's good to keep in mind.

Getting objectives such as a tower/dragon can also be a very important goal. It'll never guarantee victory but it'll be able to give you a higher chance of reaching it.
This chapter goes over anything you'd want to know about how to gank lanes and where to gank from. It's mainly a set of guidelines to help you on your way to gank better & to have more success in the long run.
River: is the most standard gank path, tried and true. Look to move directly up the river if they're overextended as it allows minimal interference. Be careful if they have a lot of minions though, as it can at worst, turn the gank around.

Tri-bush: is a way to gank which is only ever something you should do consistently when you're on blue side as you can get behind the enemy, if you're on red side you should look to use the aforementioned path instead. Only downside is that it lacks the element of surprise as the enemy can react to it a lot easier.

Lane Ganks: are one of the most underutilized gank paths in solo queue, which makes them even more deadly. Sneak into a bush when your laner pushed the wave out, then wait for it to bounce back to prepare a deadly gank. Only downside is the time it'll often take to even set it up.
Utilizing bushes to your advantage as well as counterganking is huge for ganking toplane.

Key points:

- Riven & Yuumi killed of the Irelia
- Make sure Anivia's egg passive gets used
- Help them secure the final kill on Anivia
- 3v2 fight where we get 2 free kills

Bushes can sometimes be used, just be aware that there can be vision within the river. You can also use the side walls to gank midlane.

Key points:

- River tri-bush is warded with a Control Ward
- Ekko does not have his Chronobreak
- Just used his Phase Dive so can't escape

River: Nothing too different from the other lanes. Just try and keep in mind that mid laners, will grab Control Wards a lot more often than others to put in one of the side bushes after their first back.

(Blue Side Only): Similar to the tri-bush path in top lane, and used mostly to put yourself between the enemy laner & their tower. This path avoids a lot of the typical wards mid laners place in the river bushes. It's more safe, but more susceptible to counterganks.

(Red Side Only): Exact same as the blue side one, but for red side. Another point I want to make with this path is that you should look to gank from the side that has the thinnest wall, on red side, it'd be the bot side. That way you can get into lane 5-6 seconds quicker than if you took the bigger wall.
River: Nothing new about this path compared to the top lane one, but keep in mind that bot laners know that they're more likely to get ganked than other lanes, and thusly ward much more often. Always expect wards in the river bush, because more than likely the support has a few on hand to put down. However, if you play around it, clear it and repeat gank, you may just reap the benefits anyway.

Lane Ganks: Seeing as how bot laners usually spam the river bush, tri-bush & Dragon pit with wards faster than the speed of light, lane ganks become one of the more optimal strategies for setting up a 3v2 situation bot lane. I really recommend the use of the alcove here, as nearly all bot laners forget it even exists, and never check to see if you might actually be lurking there.
Lane bushes are not only underused but so deadly to the point where you're almost trolling if you're not making use of them.

Key points:

- Bushes aren't fully warded.
- Got level 6 before any of them did, can utilize ult
- Ulting Ashe since ADCs are a bigger target
- Help allies push out lane afterwards

Red Side Tri-bush: Mainly a red side path, an early gank before it inevitably gets Control Warded by a blue side support is deadly, as like similar ganks on other lanes, it makes their bot lane go through you if they want to get back to the safety of their tower. More situational from blue side, but works if the enemy laners are extremely pushed up on your side.
Blue side Tri-Bush: Ganks from this area are much more common than in top lane due to the fact that the river bush is more likely to be warded after 6-7 minutes. You can use champs like Bard or the blast cone to get over the wall and gives the enemy laners less time to react than usual, making them all the more deadly. Can use on both blue and red side as it's almost all dependent on whose lane is pushed in at the time.
Ganking Tips
1) Are They Overextended?
Overextending is when the enemy is playing too far into your allies side of the lane. In the example images below I've tried to showcase what it means when an opponent is overextended (click the images to enlarge them). If the enemy is at the red zone, they're definitely gankable and you'll get something out of it. If they're in the yellow zone the gank can still work, but will be a bit harder to pull off. However, if they're in the green zone, skip the lane and look to gank elsewhere as they'll be safe.


This is only an example shown of enemies overextending from the Blue side nexus. If you're playing on Red side nexus instead, the red & green zones are simply switched.

Try to keep an eye on your minimap whilst you're clearing camps, if an enemy is closing in on the red or yellow zones you should definitely try to set-up a gank if possible. Vi has some amazing ganking power with her Vault Breaker & Cease and Desist so once you're prepared to gank a lane, charge up your Vault Breaker from fog of war before the enemy sees you so that it's fully charged and ready to go.

Remember that there are some lane matchups where a gank could fail miserably if you're the one initiating the gank yourself. If the enemy has a getaway or any form of CC, wait for your laner(s) to engage on them before you actually reveal yourself. It's a lot easter to get quick leads if the enemy over-commits to a fight & wasting their important cooldowns on your allies before they even know that you're there.

When it comes to Tower Dives you'll have to judge whether it's worth it on your own discretion. Just please for the love of god don't take any unnecessary risks diving for a kill that may not even be worth your own death. If they're hugging their tower, wait for the tower to aggro your minions, charge up Vault Breaker and wait before using it incase they have a spell to dodge it (so that it won't miss). If they're just gonna run away from their tower, you can opt to Cease and Desist them if they're between their tier 1 & tier 2 tower to avoid the unnecessary tower aggro completely.
2) Do They Have a Getaway?
A getaway is when the enemy has a way to escape your gank such as a mobility spell or summoner spell. Some examples of these can be everything from Ezreal's Arcane Shift to Kai'Sa's Supercharge or just a very simple Flash. It's very important to be able to know what ways your opponents have that will ensure them safety, if you don't think about this then you won't be able to get many successful ganks.

In the Corki clip I waited for him to use his Valkyrie before ulting to get the kill. As for the other clip, knowing that Orianna is overextending with no ultimate, it easily gives the opportunity to pick up a free kill.

Not all laners are going be as easy to gank as others. Jinx for example, is very immobile and only has Flame Chompers! as a way to stop anything, she doesn't have any mobility spells. She's therefore significantly easier to gank then say an Ezreal that could just Arcane Shift away. An Ahri will be way harder to gank because of her ultimate then say a Viktor.

Not every gank has to net a kill. A gank isn't failed if you didn't end up killing your target. If you managed to chunk your enemy down in health, they'll have to play a lot more passively against your teammates or even be forced to recall back to base and miss potential minion waves. Forcing an enemy to use a summoner spell or ultimate can also leave them very vulnerable to future ganks, they'll lose the ability to have a kill threat in lane & it'll still give your teammate(s) a huge advantage in that lane.
3) Do They Have any CC?
CC or Crowd Control describes abilities or spells that remove or diminish the control a target unit has over aspects of itself, such as being able to cast spells or initiate movement commands. Why is this important? Most champions have a lot of CC in their kits that could be used to completely ruin your ganks. Some examples of these abilities are Leona's Zenith Blade, Thresh's Death Sentence & Janna's Howling Gale.

Since I don't know whether Heimerdinger has his CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade or not, flashing to make sure my Vault Breaker hits will ensure that he cannot stop my Q with his stun, which leads to a free kill.

Keep in mind that there are 2 different ways to distinguish a champion's CC abilities. There are both Hard CC (ones that can e.g. stun you) as well as Soft CC (ones that can e.g. slow you).

Soft CC spells like Thresh's Flay, Janna's Zephyr, Nautilus' Riptide and Lulu's Glitterlance are only few examples of abilities that will give you an effect, mostly in terms of a slow but won't stop you from moving or casting your own abilities/spells.

Hard CC spells like Lux's Light Binding, Xerath's Shocking Orb, Nami's Aqua Prison and Nautilus' Depth Charge are few examples of abilities that can stop you from moving or using abilities/spells. These abilities are the most annoying ones to deal with so make sure that the enemies have already used them before you gank the lane.

Some abilities are worth getting hit. I know that it sounds insane after I just explained to dodge CC abilities but trust me on this one. There are few abilities in the game that you can let hit you. These are abilities that are mostly used as escape tools. Some examples are Sejuani's Arctic Assault and Sion's Unstoppable Onslaught. Just by walking infront of Sion's ultimate, you can stop it and change the entire outcome of the gank if he was already on low health before ulting. Otherwise he can just get away easily and waste your time.
This chapter goes over anything you'd want to know about how to gank lanes and where to gank from. It's mainly a set of guidelines to help you on your way to gank better & to have more success in the long run.

Blue = Scryer's Bloom | Green = Honeyfruit | Red = Blast Cone
Scryer's Bloom: used to gain vision around an area and to see where and what places are warded by the enemy. Once you destroy it, vision will be released in a sort of cone shape and every enemy ward will be revealed for a couple of seconds, giving you time in order to destroy it.
First spawn: 3:00 - 3:30 minutes, always at each quadrant's spawn point nearest to the side lanes. Only one Scryer's Bloom can be present per quadrant.

Next spawn time: 5 - 6.5 minutes at either spawn point, starting once a given quadrant's Scryer's Bloom is destroyed.
The first wave of spawn locations are predetermined whilst subsequent Scryer's can spawn in at least one other spot. More Scryer's can also spawn to the entrances of the jungle if the Cloud drake takes over the map environment.
Honeyfruit: used to gain some health back if you're really low or have recently brawled with the enemy jungler or ganked a lane. Once destroyed it will drop 5 small fruits to the floor, each fruit gives back health and mana for you.
First spawn: 6:00 - 6:30 minutes, always found along river walls starting near the Dragon or Baron pits and slowly extending closer toward lanes over the course of the game.

Respawn time: 5.5 - 7 minutes, if a Honeyfruit isn't taken before its respawn timer completes, a second Honeyfruit may spawn. No more than two Honeyfruits can exist per half of the river.
like with Scryer's, the first wave of spawn locations are predetermined whilst subsequent Honeyfruits can spawn in at least one other spot. More Honeyfruits can also spawn near the buff camps if the Ocean drake takes over the map environment.
Blast Cone: used to sneak objectives, invade or sneakily prepare a gank. Once destroyed, it'll explode and you'll get knocked up with it. It basically means that you can use it to jump over walls where the blast cones are placed.
Spawns in two spots per jungle quadrants and are divided by both inner & outer spawns. It'll show an indicator to you when in the blast radius, showing where you'll land.

First inner cone spawn: 1:15 - 1:25 minutes
First outer cone spawn: 5:00 - 5:30 minutes

Inner cone respawn time: 5 - 7 minutes
Outer cone respawn time: 5.5 - 6.5 minutes
Like with the others, the first wave of spawn locations are predetermined whilst subsequent blast cones can spawn in at least one other spot. More blast cones can also spawn to the entrances of the jungle and Alcoves if the Infernal drake takes over the map environment.
Wave Management
This chapter goes over anything you'd want to know about wave management or otherwise named wave manipulation. A jungler will always have some sort of ways to manipulate waves every single game, same as the solo laners themselves. It's mainly a set of guidelines to help you understand what to do in order to help your teammates and make their lanes easier to manage.
Good example of how to utilize "taxing", is however forced to be more in your favor.

Key Points:
- Tried helping midlane with a countergank
- Twisted Fate died due to Ignite
- Can't get a kill due to lvl 6 Qiyana
- Qiyana overextends and I still get a kill
- Taxed cannon (dies regardless) + some more (puts my level on par with Fiddle)
The art of taking your laners minions and thus their experience & gold after ganking their lane. If you're ganking a lane, kill the opponent & then take some CS whilst your teammate(s) are recalling back to base, you're essentially taxing them.

Why do you need to tax? When you gank a lane, if your teammate(s) are the ones getting the kills, it's always a good way to take some of their minions to get back some sort of exp/gold for the time you just spent trying to gank that lane.

Keep in mind! In lower elos people are likely to get angry at you because they think that you're completely ruining their lane whilst in reality you're not. If they somehow get mad anyways because you're taxing their lane, just leave and go farm camps instead. It'll be better to keep them with good mental spirit then risking tilt & flame.
You should tax when...
>> A gank is successful and your ally got the kill
>> A gank is not successful, enemy leaves and you need some farm to compensate time wasted
>> Gank was unsuccessful, your enemy & ally leaves the lane completely
You should not tax when...
>> Your gank was successful and you got the kill
>> Your gank was unsuccessful but your ally is healthy enough to stay in lane
>> Your ally gets extremely mad at you (somehow)

A good example of how you can utilize "holding". Both setting up a freeze, resetting the wave & keeping it from crashing classifies as holding.

Key Points:
- Mordekaiser is already low, is preparing to recall (no idea where he is)
- No need to get a freeze since it's already pushed and enemy is recalling
- Clear the wave so the new wave incoming is reset to the middle of lane
Holding a lane can be classified as keeping the wave in a state where it can become a freeze for your team or to simply make laners not lose minions. It's a good way to make sure that an opponent can't push a wave and crash it to the tower before your laner arrives.

Depending on where your ally is you'll be holding it differently. If they just recalled/died, kill a few minions and leave 3-4 minions next to your tower so that a freeze gets set-up. If your laner is about to arrive, just avoid letting the wave crash to the tower until they arrive.

Holding lanes will put your laner in a much better wave state such as not loosing any exp or gold or even better, creating a freeze to be able to more safely farm without the risk of getting ganked. Keep in mind that if you fail to set it up, the wave can irreversibly damage your laners wave state & the enemy can freeze instead.
You should hold when...
>> Your ally is about to arrive to lane and the wave is pushing to your tower
>> There's a cannon wave pushing to your own tower & your ally can't get it before it dies
>> A large wave is about to crash to your tower and your ally cannot get any of the farm
You should set-up a freeze when...
>> Your ally is having a rough laning phase
>> Your ally gets ganked a lot, wave is pushing and they're arriving to lane
>> The enemy is pushing the wave to recall and your ally is arriving to lane

A good example of how you can utilize "pushing waves" so that your allies can get a lead in lane and a very ideal recall.

Key Points:
- Kill the low health Sett
- Dr. Mundo's HP is low
- Need to help push wave
- Leave after so allies won't flame
Pushing the wave is where you & your ally push the wave to the turret after a successful gank or you push out the wave for them if they're not healthy enough to push it out themselves. It's a strategy used to give laners a much better recall timing especially when they don't have enough mana/health to clear out the wave themselves but their opponent does.

You help your laners push the wave so that it goes to tower and resets back to a neutral position or even better, completely bounces back to your ally and not to the enemy. We do not want the opponent to be able to freeze the wave and punish your teammate(s), if anything that's what we want to do!

If your laner & the enemy is dead and isn't able to collect the wave but it's already pushing to you, leave it be. Only push it alone when the minions are amassing & going to push to the enemy turret anyways. If you decide to push when this isn't the case, the enemy laner is less likely to lose anything and it's just setting your ally further behind.
You should push when...
>> Your ally is healthy, the enemy is dead and wave is pushing towards the enemy
>> Your ally and the enemy is dead, the wave is pushing to the enemy
>> Your ally is healthy and the wave is pushing to the enemy anyways
You should not push when...
>> Your ally isn't healthy, wave is not pushing
>> Your ally and the enemy is dead, the wave is not pushing to either side
>> Your ally is healthy, wave is not pushing but the enemy is still alive

Seeing as you're a jungler, you'll have the biggest possibility to walk around the whole map placing down wards to gain vision or remove wards to deny vision. Don't get the wrong idea though, trying to ward dark spots on the map such as the enemy jungle territory is a very common pitfall that can lead to your death if you don't know where the enemy jungler is hiding.

With that said, if you're counter-jungling or even invading the rival jungler, try to place down some decent vision in their jungle if you can't steal camps or get a kill. Vision will always lend your team some very valuable information.

By placing down Control Wards (assuming you pick them up after recalls) you can also have the ability to help your laners with vision so that they can spot ganks or roams way ahead of time. A common control ward spot would be in the tri-bushes at midlane.

Even at level 1 you can instantly place down your Stealth Ward at roughly 0:50 and then immediately recall and change it into an Oracle Lens. This way the stealth ward will provide you enough vision and intel of the rival jungler's whereabouts during the early phases (depending on where it's placed) and you can also deny vision very early into the game.

With that said, here are some good warding spots you can use (click the images to enlarge them):
Level 1 Wards
These wards will give you information on rival jungler's early pathing. If they start on red side they'll either cross over this ward from Krugs to do Raptors or skip and do wolves. If they don't cross over the ward, it's likely they started blue side and you could plan to invade or you make use of this information in another way.
Typical ward spots I use a lot in my games. Especially good against early rival junglers like Ivern / Nunu & Willump that likes to invade early to steal a buff. Also good to defend against potential level 2 ganks onto your midlaner, think of junglers like Jarvan IV.
Defensive Wards
Primarily has 2 purposes for existing. First off it can detect if the rival jungler is invading your Raptors/Red and second off it'll also make sure to notify your team if the enemy midlaner is trying to roam towards botlane or toplane (through the jungle instead of the river).
Opposite warding spots that provide the same purpose as the aforementioned ones but for the other side of the map and specifically river. If you're against a jungler that likes to invade very often, you can also opt to put these wards down to prepare for that in advance.
Lane Wards
The popular warding spot being used with Control Wards. It's really valuable to put down wards in these pixel brushes during games since they can spot early ganks, jungler's whereabouts, if scuttle exists, avoiding potential roams and much more. Keep in mind it's also a spot that gets contested & cleared extremely often.
Place down Stealth Wards in these locations if you're against junglers that never really makes use of the river to gank lanes all that much. Think of potential junglers such as Shaco, Zac or Kayn that can easily get over walls and terrain with Deceive, Elastic Slingshot & Shadow Step.
If you believe the jungler is gonna invade you from top side / bot side of the map. It's also good to prevent ganks as it covers a very crucial spot that junglers often use to gank. The top tri-bush is often the better spot though as botlaners will clear wards much more often so it's likely that your ward will be sweeped away.
Offensive Wards
Will spot the rival jungler's pathing towards either Raptors or Red but also if they were to path towards blue side instead. Gives a lot of valuable information you can use to prepare for invades since you'll be able to know which camps are up and where the jungler could theoretically be.
If you already invaded the enemy jungler once, you could opt to put these wards down. It'll be able to spot the jungler on the red side of the map, whilst also making sure to get info whether Red buff is up or not. Can mainly be used to prepare your first invade or yet another invade.
Typically only placed after a successful invade as it's very deep in enemy territory. However, this ward brings a lot of good information for the future, such as the timer for the wolves camp, if the jungler is gonna be on that side, if they're not on that side (the camp is still up).
It'll give information whether the enemy jungler is trying to clear their Blue buff but it'll also show them on the same ward if they're trying to clear their Gromp as well. Still gives decent information on what camps are available and where the jungler could theoretically be.
Objective Wards
Very useful ward locations if you're trying to prepare for an objective and want vision around the objective to spot enemies trying to lurk around. Putting down a Control Ward isn't always needed, just having 2 Stealth Wards work just as fine.
The most common Control Ward spot in the game. Primary reason is because it covers the entire dragon & baron pit so enemies trying to put wards over the wall to get vision will get denied entirely. It also serves as some good general vision if you're gonna prepare for it or if the enemy team might start it.
If you didn't buy any Control Wards or simply just don't have any in your inventory you could place down a Stealth Ward in this location ( Control Wards also work but will give gold when destroyed) and it'll still reveal any enemies passing through it, or trying to do the objective (assuming they're not jumping the wall).
Famous Last Words

Congratulations! You’ve finally been able to reach the end of my insanely long guide on Vi. I'd really like to thank you for taking this time and walking this road together with me. Writing this guide has learned me a lot as well, when it comes to both Vi herself, playing the jungle role in general and how to play her better in order to become the kind of player that I want to be. I hope this guide helped you on your way to success of becoming a better Vi player and I hope you got to know everything you wanted to know about her. I also hope you’ve learned something after reading all of this, and I hope I’ve inspired you to play more of this champion.

It might happen that I've missed some things so feel free to let me know. Just leave a comment or send me a PM and I'll fix things up for you! If you have any objections to my build’s content, comment in the discussion section! I’ll be more than happy to hear your side of the argument. If you think I'm wrong, please don’t hesitate to correct me. I want this guide to be as accurate as possible in order to help as many people as I can when it comes to this champion, and I will update it if I do end up agreeing with you! I'd always love criticism as long as it's helpful to me so that I can make this guide even better to help more players looking to play Vi.

If you enjoyed the guide, then please like mentioned before an upvote or a +rep will always be appreciated as it'll always help me and it’ll be an indicator to let me know that my guide has been helpful to you, as it’s what I wanted to do in the first place. I really enjoyed making this guide and I hope you've enjoyed reading it as well. Good luck out there and I hope you reach the desired rank you're looking for! It's like Vi's famous words: If you hit a wall, hit it hard.
I'd like to thank Jovy for taking the time to make the beautiful looking banners for this guide and in most of my other ones as well! Be sure to check out some of her other work at her signature shop and her own guides! ❤
I would like to thank Katasandra yet again for helping me with anything related to BBCoding both to make it fit for users that view the guide on PC but also for ones that view it on mobile. Also for helping me a lot in the past with anything. Make sure to check out her guides! ❤
I would like to thank PsiGuard for being a good friend to me & helping with guide advice whenever I needed it. Also for allowing me to use his description for the vertical jungling section as well as letting me take inspiration from his guide for the looks of my cheatsheet, jungle routes and warding sections. Make sure to check out his guides! ❤
I also want to thank L3gislacerator for allowing me to use his code (and change it) for the MOBAFire Guide Contest Awards that you can find in this same section of the guide a bit further down. Make sure to check out his guides! ❤
And lastly, I would like to thank Silverman43 for helping me create a few of the images that you can find throughout the guide, most notably the ones for "tracking the enemy jungler". Make sure to check out his guides! ❤
I'd also like to thank the following people for helping me improve my guide even more:
- MOBAFire Guide Contest Awards! -

Massive thank you to everyone for the support!

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