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T5V IceCreamy


Hi, I'm IceCreamy, a 24 year old guy from the Netherlands. My birthday is on August 17th :) I like to play LoL with my friends, don't really care in what role. I would really appreciate it if you could read/comment/vote on any of my guides :)

My real name is Chris, I graduated at IT and my hobbies are watching football on tv, playing bridge (a card game) and gaming. I took a bilingual course (Dutch/English), and am therefore in possession of an IB certificate. I have also studied maths for a year, but that was boring xD

I've been part of Team 5 Vices since the beginning, we're just a bunch of Dutch guys having lots of fun together. We rank platinum in 3v3 and gold in 5v5 right now, and we're always looking for players to strengthen our team with. If you're Dutch, and you're a gold+ player, hit me up if you're interested. Anyhow, if you feel like playing at my side for some reason, just send me a PM telling your summoner name, I am not accepting random friend requests. See ya ingame! :D

Highlights: I got my 1000th win on 5/7/12, I played against Guardsman Bob on 6/7/12, I played an ARAM against Deman and Qu1kshot on 14/2/13, and I played an ARAM against Sjokz twice: First on 2/7/13, second on 15/10/13!

Proud Editor since 7/1/12, Scout since 8/2/12, Veteran since 29/4/12 and Moderator since 8/8/14. Thank you very much, couldn't have made it without every single one of you!

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