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League of Legends (LoL) Item: Spear of Shojin

Spear of Shojin
Total Price: 3400 | Recipe Price: 950

LoL Item: Spear of Shojin

  • 60 Attack Damage
  • 20% Cooldown Reduction
  • 250 Health

UNIQUE Passive: After you cast your ultimate, your next basic attack within 10 seconds grants Awakened Dragon for 6 seconds (30 second cooldown).

Awakened Dragon: Gain 50% attack speed, and basic attacks refund 20% of your remaining non-ultimate cooldowns.

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ShapeShifter | March 3, 2019 5:44pm
does awakened dragon proc on Udyr?
IHATENOOBS | February 9, 2019 5:06am
Should this be built with gnar? (With black cleaver, frozen mallet and boots)?
TK-576 (1) | February 8, 2019 10:20am
How many people forgot this exists.
Avereo | February 6, 2019 1:01pm
The build path is awkward and the cost is a bit high, so use discretion when buying it this patch.
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