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League of Legends (LoL) Item: Pickaxe

Total Price: 875 | Sell Price: 613

LoL Item: Pickaxe

  • 25 Attack Damage

Pickaxe builds into these items:

Pickaxe builds into Frozen Mallet Pickaxe builds into Infinity Edge Pickaxe builds into Guinsoo's Rageblade Pickaxe builds into Manamune Pickaxe builds into Mercurial Scimitar Pickaxe builds into Ravenous Hydra Pickaxe builds into Sterak's Gage Pickaxe builds into Lord Dominik's Regards Pickaxe builds into Edge of Night

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TwitcherBrain (37) | April 7, 2012 7:02am
Nice AD item. Useful for carry or fighters. Can be upgraded in many items, including Infinity Edge (powerful crit item).
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