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You know. You're pretty cute when you're angry.
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Sovereign Kitten

Rank: Scout
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Teemo, Teemo, Teemo
Marksman, Support, Mage



Hello there friend. You can call me Cat. I am a Diamond 4 peak Teemo player an very passionate creator. I love assisting and providing players with pretty much everything they need to know with Teemo or TFT. I have upwards to 12 accs, all on different servers. I play normally on NA servers, but I do play on EUW, EUNE, OCE, LAS, LAN so I have a general idea of a lot of things.

I like to get a feel for everyone especially on different servers, so I can further assist players who give me a reason for their problems. You might already know but I am a huge Teemo enthusiast, I have mained and played him for around 4-5 years now. Everything that I do is for him and for you.

I am also a part of the REVIEW / SCOUT team here on Mobafire. interested in improving your overall guide quality and would like some criticism? Then you can request one of us to look over your guide on our REVIEW FORUM.

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