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Wicked Cherry
Lulu, Yuumi, Nami
Support, Mage


Hey there,
I'm Wicked Cherry from EUW and I've been playing since Season 3. I started then on the North American server due to a year I've spent abroad. However, I changed servers and focused on playing more serious in Season 4. Ever since I've been mainly playing Support .

These are my most favorite support champions:
If I'm not playing Support, I'm probably trying to annoy my team by going mid and playing

or bot as

I started writing guides just recently (well that was in fall 2018) but I hope I can help just anyone who is interested in learning new things. I'm also planning to keep them frequently updated and add new helpful information. So stay tuned for updates! :)

I would be honored if you would check out my guides and leave a comment in the discussion area or give them an upvote. If you happen to dislike them, I'd appreciate constructive feedback instead of silent downvotes. This way, I can take your personal liking into consideration and understand what I should improve. Thanks. ♥