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Yuumi Build Guide by Wicked Cherry


Yuumi - Catching enemies like fish.

By Wicked Cherry | Updated on September 20, 2019
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Yuumi
    Standard Build
  • LoL Champion: Yuumi
    My most used build

Runes: Standard

Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
New play style #1
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies

I'm Wicked Cherry. I'm playing Support since Season 4 mainly, and this is my third guide. Ever since the predicted release of a new Support Champion I've been wanting to play Yuumi. After the PBE Release, I mainly played her, in case you're wondering how reliable my experiences with her may be.

So I hope you'll enjoy this guide and learn a lot. Please let me know if there are questions in the discussion part. It would be really great if you could not just half-heartedly downvote this guide but let me know what you dislike about it in the Discussion-part so I can take your opinion into consideration.
Thanks a lot and enjoy. :)

The Magical Cat

"In the outlands of Bandle City, there was once a wooded glen where the moon-moths glimmered and the riverbanks overflowed with rainbowfish. In a cottage nestled between the verdant trees lived a yordle enchantress named Norra, with her cat, Yuumi.

Born with magical powers of protection, Yuumi enjoyed a life of leisure for many years, pouncing on sunbeams and napping beneath the mouse-trees. Whenever adventure sparked her interest, she joined Norra on explorations across the material and spirit realms. Norra spent her time collecting strange objects like broken cups, shards of colored glass, and fabric with funny stitching. She examined each artifact with deep reverence, though Yuumi never understood their purpose. Nevertheless, Yuumi would use her magic to protect Norra from harm, and would warm her feet when they returned home.

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"My yordle Norra snores into the pages of my friend, Book. My tail twitches as dozens of moon-moths sail in through the open window like floating lanterns, and I leap joyfully into the air, not caring if I catch one. I bounce higher and higher, batting at the moon-moths as they drift all around me.

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(copyright by BY Rayla Heide, RiotGames, see here and here.)

+ high utility
+ compatible with about every ADC
+ because of heals and shields high sustain
+ quite adaptive playstyle possible
+ can disengage herself quickly
+ Recall timer can be shortened by attaching to a recalling ally
+ Attaching works on Teleporting allies!
+ She's got Book! :)
- can't really start teamfights
- needs at least one frontliner
- especially aggressive playstyle can be quite mana-consuming
- squishy (attaching needs quick reactions)
- falls off mid game
- struggles hard when alone
- kind of relies on fed carries

Yuumi's Passive will grant her a damage shield after attacking an enemy.
While attached: to an ally, the shield will instead be traded to that ally and last until it decays.

Yuumi shoots a magical missile into a target direction and deal magic damage to the first target hit. If the missile is in flight for at least 1 second, the first target hit will be slowed.
While attached: Yuumi will be able to direct to missile to a target direction.

Passive: Yuumi and her "Anchor" (that's the attached ally) gain adaptive attack damage or ability power. Furthermore, Yuumi will start with a point in You and Me! while Prowling Projectile will have 6 points to add in to.
Active 1: Yuumi will dash to an ally and attach to them. While attached, she will be untargetable for enemies. Only Turrets will be able to deal damage to her.
Active 2: Yuumi is able to switch allys to attach to at no cooldown costs. If her "Anchor" (attached ally) however dies, the attachment ends as well. You can also reactivate the ability to detach from an ally ("Anchor") and dash 250 units into a target direction. Don't forget that from then on you're able to be attacked freely from just anyone.

Passive: Yuumi will passively store up to two charges of heals.
Active: Healing herself will heal herself and gain 25% movement speed.
While attached: Her ally will receive the heals instead. So in other words this is no point and click single ability heal like the ones we know from Soraka, Taric or Sona, but in order to heal an ally, you will have to attach to them first and then cast Zoomies.

As the name Final Chapter says, Yuumi will flip through the pages to the last one. Book will then dish out 7 waves of magic damage within 3,5 seconds. Every champion hit by 3 or more waves will be rooted for a bit more than a second. Yuumi herself can move freely toward a target location while casting, or attach ( You and Me!) to an ally or cast Zoomies without having to stop Final Chapter midway.

Healing & Utility
AA >

After landing an auto attack against an enemy, Yuumi's passive Bop 'n' Block will activate and shield you from damage. After attaching you will transfer this shield to your attached ally.

After attaching yourself to an ally, you can heal them instead of yourself by using Zoomies. This is a basic combo you can use whenever needed. Another nice side effect of that combo is the movement speed your ally will gain. So if you feel like the enemy might escape but your ally will only need one more auto attack, Zoomies can do the trick and get that ally.

> > >

This combo will allow you to heal multiple allies. It is really functional during teamfights because you can hop from your carry to, for instance, a tank, and hop back to the backline within seconds.
Note: For this combo, it is always crucial to keep 2 charges of Zoomies otherwise you will not be able to heal multiple allies. Also, the item Ardent Censer will help you a lot to improve your heals.

Peeling & Crowd Control

This combo is another pretty basic one. While attached you will be able to direct your Q Prowling Projectile to a target location instead of it being a skillshot while unattached. This makes it a lot harder for the enemy to dodge your ability.
Note: If you feel like the enemy might escape (for instance because they used Flash) and your ally might not be able to catch them although they are super low, you can speed up your ally by using your E Zoomies.

> >

After attaching to an ally (I usually prefer bruisers or mainly the fronline of my team for this combo), you will want to slow an enemy carry with Prowling Projectile. After you did succeed in that, make sure to immediately cast your ultimate Final Chapter. You will want to hit that slowed enemy with three waves of your ultimate in order to activate the root. The enemy will most likely not be able to escape - unless they Flash or use gap closers.
Note: Taking Flash of an enemy (especially the carry) is always a win for you because your ultimate has a way lower cooldown compared to Flash's cooldown. So don't be miserable if you cannot always pick up kills or assists with that combo - you'll probably be able to do so with your next.

> >

Nope, this is not a typo. You actually can switch the ally you're attached to while casting your ultimate Final Chapter. This will allow you to expand the range of of your ultimate and hit as many enemies with is as possible.
Note: This also works with Prowling Projectile!

Since Summon Aery consists of two components: Damage and Shield power, it's what you'd consider as perfect match with Yuumi's playstyle. Aery gives her the early game aggressiveness that you need and the ability to improve shields on your allies.
This rune will help you out especially in early game and allow you to either harass the enemies a bit more or heal your team mates up when it’s essential. However, it can present to be a vital choice even in late game as you’ll receive more mana regeneration and therefore will be able to spam your abilities.
Absolute Focus will provide adaptive damage while you’re above 70% health. Since Yuumi spends a relatively large amount of time attached, managing to achieve being over 70% of your current maximum health will surely not be a hard thing to pull off. And the extra damage will be in your favor in order to gain lane priority.
Basically, this would be your damage rune for a little more aggressive gameplay. It will allow you to deal enough magical damage with your whole kit, but especially with Prowling Projectile and Final Chapter. You might notice that enemies will try to evade getting hit by you because the range of your Q is no skillshot anymore when you're attached but will freely follow your mouse movements. Furthermore, even if you’re being forced to go completely defensive, you’ll still have at least the damage from this rune - even while attached.
Basically, you will want to equip this rune when you feel like you’ll have a pretty busy lane ahead of you. This rune will help you to increase your maximum mana which is really nice since it works so well with Manaflow Band. However, this rune will only provide you with three biscuits and I totally understand if you would rather prefer a different rune here. If so, make sure to check out alternative rune choices in the paragraph below.
You want more cool down reduction on pretty much everything? More damage? More heals? More ults? Then you will want to pick up this very rune.

Click to open rune page

The aggressive approach

The additional free cooldown reduction will allow you to either buy a rather aggressive item instead of another CDR item. Also, if you exceed the limit, the abundant amount of CDR will transform into adaptive magical damage which should also be something you can’t really decline.

Now, this seems to be a quite unusual rune for a caster and utility support at first glance, but I can only recommend you trying it out before judging. You may wonder why you should do so. Here’s two reasons about this very rune choice:
First of all, every takedown - be it a kill you land or an assist - will refund you mana which mainly means you’ll be able to dish out additional damage, more CC and keep your team healthy. The second great part about this rune is that it will also refund some percent of the cool down of your ultimate - this comes in handy especially in late game when team fights tend to grow longer. Just imagine being able to use your ultimate twice in one team fight. How amazing would that be?!
If you choose to play with the Precision path, your next preferred rune of choice would be this one. Since Yuumi is super squishy and doesn’t necessarily need to build tanky, about every champion will have more health points than you. With this, Cut Down allows you to deal more damage to those champions - and who could say no to more damage? ;)

Click to open rune page

Alternative Rune choices

This rune is a good alternative rune when you know you'll have to face a hard lane match up and will use your healing spell Zoomies a lot. Celerity will increase your movement speed and heals and stack up nicely with Ardent Censer.
I like to go for this rune because as support, as I might have already said, you can’t join a fight too early and the additional movement speed after casting my ultimate has allowed me to either catch up with fleeing enemies or run from them myself (due to the root after the third wave hit). So you can pretty much use this rune for chasing or running. Either way, I consider it as really helpful – and you can even pass through units now!
This rune will provide you adaptive damage every ten minuntes. Since Yuumi spike is in early game, this rune will help you to balance potential short comings and have a stable damage output.

Another possibility to play aggressive, is to choose Domination runes. Start with Spellthief's Edge instead of Ancient Coin since you probably prefer a rather aggressive playstyle that Spellthief's Edge nicely allows you to with the additional damage it provides: This rune will increase your healing adaptive to 10% of your current ability power while you're dealing damage.
You will probably prefer this runes for a rather aggressive playstyle because it will ensure you to collect stacks which will reduce your ultimate's cooldown. In other words: More cooldown on Final Chapter - more damage - more roots and more teamfight advantages.

So basically, this rune will mark an enemy who's movement has been impaired by you. This rune works pretty well with your ultimate Final Chapter. On top of that, every ally who attacks a marked enemy will heal slightly. It's not a bad choice, but personally, I prefer runes that work better with your whole kit, rather than just one ability.
Since Yuumi is a pretty squishy champion, you might feel like you would need a little more sustain and damage reduction is always a nice way to accomplish this.
It's just the round up of a perfect combo together with all the shields ( Bop 'n' Block) and heal ( Zoomies and Redemption) you'll do.

This should be your standard item. It's one of the most important ones because it will transform into your warding item. For more details on warding, check out my Warding section. :]
Also, it's your Gold item which will help you to not fall behind compared to other roles. Try to be harrassive whenever you have Mana and the situation allows it. You should try to get into harassing range and after you've dealt your damage, fall behind and wait in a safe distance to harass and recharge accordingly.

I like to pick this item too when I feel like I'll have to face a somewhat difficult laning phase. It's really a rather safe pick which doesn't mean that it's a bad choice. You get additional mana and you can pick up dropped gold coins while attached. Most of the times, this will be the case when you're up against high damage supports or you have the feeling you'll get ganked a lot... Well or when your ADC tells you he's auto-filled.

I really tried playing without this item but it's pretty hard because it just matches so perfectly with your Zoomies and Bop 'n' Block. It improves your shields by 8% and even boosts your carry's Attack Speed by 10 to 30%. If you choose to go with the Celerity rune, this one will even stack with Ardent Censer and therefore they will enhance one another.

This item should be considered one of your Core Items since it will improve your mana regen and fits just perfectly into the scaling ability power build I'm suggesting. With its unique Passives you will collect Blood Charges by dealing damage to enemies. With these, every heal or shield on an ally will be drastically improved.

I love to build Twin shadows whenever I feel to game might turn out into my team's favor, so basically when we're going even and need a pinch more of magical damage or when the enemies try to escape a lot because my team's ahead. It will allow you to chase after enemies with its active or run from them whenever you're outnumbered. It will also give your 7% movement speed, 70 Ability Power and 10% of Cooldown Reduction.

Standard Boot Upgrade. The movement speed allows your to actually become the "ambulance" your team might need. If it doesn't, it will still need your damage and hard CC. You can swap these for Boots of Swiftness if the enemies have a lot of Crowd Control. If you're rather going for the more aggressive build, you might want to buy Sorcerer's Shoes. I know that many people like to go for Ionian Boots of Lucidity but I usually experience that I'm already at the 40% Cooldown Reduction limit and that buying these would be a waste.

I love the aura (additional shield) that this item's actives grants to all nearby allies. This is probably my favorite Magic Resistance item. And it will also give you some (30) Armor which means you don't have to choose when you're indecisive toward building Armor or Magic Resistance because you're getting both plus an additional shield! How awesome's that? (:

Redemption also enhances your healing and shielding power by 8%. But it also grants you more access to mana which means: More shields, more damage, more Yuumi!
Furtermore, you can heal your allies with its active. Whenever a teamfight starts, I make sure to use it as soon as possible because it takes 2,5 seconds to become active.

Defensive item choices
  • You can choose these items depending on the match up and how the game's going for you and your team. When it's obvious that you'll face a hard laning phase, do not hesitate to rush for example Locket of the Iron Solari for the extra shield the active provides.

Aggressive Choices
  • It's not a bad choice to buy Ability Power items. I'd probably prefer Liandry's Torment because the passive adds Grevious Wounds to enemies and these will lower healing effects. However, it can also be a wise decision to buy Morellonomicon if no one on your team will purchase it.
  • I usually only buy Ability Power items when I notice that the game will turn out in our favor, my team lacks AP champs or that the enemies aren't buying Magic Resistance.
  • If you decide on the aggressive build, make sure to build Ardent Censer or at least Athene's Unholy Grail first because heals still keep you and your allies alive, so you really wouldn't want to miss out on that.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter is underrated especially in low elo in my eyes. It's super power with the magic damage and extra health it provides. What's more the enemy's movement speed will be reduced for a short amount of time. Should be definitely a late item pick to consider!

Flash is pretty standard. It allows you to handle small positioning mistakes or jump into teamfights while if your team unexpextedly dashed forward. Exhaust is also a standard support summoner.
It slows the targeted enemy by 30% and reduces their damage by 40%.
Ignite is usually a good indicator for aggressive playstyles. It damages the targeted enemy for 5 seconds, dealing true damage and canceling out all healing effects by 40%. Choosing Heal is a bit uncommon but you can pick it if your Marksman decides to go Barrier. However you two should communicate that matter in advance to rule out any misunderstandings.

With Yuumi it's not a must to take Flash. If you keep being attached or will always (at least 90% of the game) tag along with an ally, choosing the Ignite- Exhaust combo would also be a good option.
But please practice this before heading to ranked.

The idea behind these choices is that your ADC would be able to either pick up Teleport or Barrier.

- Why Teleport?
This way your ADC can get back into lane quickly and catch up or even get ahead in CS. Mid and late game your ADC can push lanes and teleport to a teamfight across the whole map. The negative point about that choice is that when moving around alone, your ADC is way more vulnerable because of the absence of heal. Also that person would have to know how and when to use it.

- Why Barrier?
Barrier has a pretty nice synergy with heal or can even prevent using Heal in general. Since its cooldown is lower your ADC will be able to get an additional shield more often. Since it provides a flat amount of health for a short amount of time, it's in most equal situations more useful against an ADC or other player who can use heal or none of the likes. But just like with Teleport your ADC will have to be comfortable with it's usage. Please make sure to communicate it with your ADC in advance.

Basically, you are pulling the strings behind the scenes for your team. I know that might sound exaggerating but there are a couple of tasks you should take care of.

You have to make sure that ...
  • ... your team gets the peel it needs.
  • ... your carries survive or at least are able to get out their damage.
  • ... you have enough vision of the crucial parts of the map. I put you a map with helpful tips in the warding section below!
  • ... check where the enemies are on the mini map and help your team with pings to prevent ganks or traps.
  • ... in laning phase you can try to bully the enemy ADC as much as possible. This way, they would have to focus on staying away from you which would result in losing CS.
  • ... you don't lose too many objectives. Sometimes you cannot prevent it but you can always try to steal a Baron or Dragon with the help of your team!
  • ... you don't go off warding and dewarding alone while you have no vision and no idea where the enemy team is at right that moment.
  • ... since you should be the only one in your team who is not busy CSing and watching creeps, you should instead always try to have an eye on the mini map. In combination with your wards, it's the best possibility to prevent ganks.
I could probably point out many things more but I think it's really important that you at least try to keep the basic ones in mind and focus on them. I know it sounds a lot at first glance but you'll get used to them more and more. Like try to focus on one or two things you want to improve on several games. Once you feel aquainted with them you can focus on the next ones. :)

Since there are different situations and game phases, I will try to point out the ones that occur most of the time.

Early to Mid Game

You're winning the lane and are ahead
  • Try to deep ward, such as warding the enemy jungler's buffs in order to track their activity and prevent ganks in an early mode
  • Ward objectives like the Dragon and some part of the river
  • If the enemy team has Support s that rely on skillshots and are extreme threads for you, such as Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab, you should either watch your positioning very carefully or ward any bush that you feel you would need vision of. If you don't feel the enemy match up as threat at all (which should be a rare occasion), you might want to ward jungle bushes behind you, since you might consider going for an early First Blood Tower and swap lanes with your Toplaner.

You're behind and risk losing the lane
  • In this occasion you usually do not have to opportunity to deep-ward a lot. However you should try to ward as much as possible. Why? Wards can save lives.
  • Ward one of the lane bushes.
  • Ward the river and the Dragon pit.

One more thing about early game: Ask your Jungler and/or Toplaner to ward the Rift Herald because you don't want to give one (or more!) Towers for free to the enemy team, do you? They might even come bot and destroy your winning lane this way. That's not your intention - is it?

Mid to Late Game

You're winning - Yay!
  • You should use that advantage nicely. Ward objectives!
  • If you notice that the enemies tend to prefer one side of the map, e.g. topside, try to ward the one slightly more.
  • Ward the enemy jungler's buffs or often used bushes and pathways, such as the area around the Red Buff .
  • Animate your teammates to ward if they aren't doing it already! You can't ward the whole map alone with 3+1 wards!

You're losing - oh no! Time to turn the game around.

I know that warding alone will not win you a game, you'll also have to pay very close attention to the mini map and it is not a joke when I'm saying that it should become one of your very best friends in the game. Like I'm only Gold but I'm kinda spending 40% of the whole game's time watching the mini map, looking out for ganks or where to position my next ward because once you notice a certain behavior, you might realize what the enemy might want to do in their next couple of moves. Okay, I get this might sound like you should take a look into the fortune teller's crystal ball but it's not that mystic or weird.
I'll give you an example:
Say you realize that the enemy team kinda keeps pushing mid and bot lane. Meanwhile you see that the enemy Jungler or Support clear out your river wards. What would they want to do next? Right! They'll go for the Dragon . Another crucial point is to keep an eye out for the timers, like Dragon timer or Baron timer, but you might also want to know about the Buff timers to at least roughly guess when enemies will show up in that area - which is also always nice to catch them off-guard. But beware because you will probably want to ward the area carefully before you set up your surprise trap.
So let's get back to warding when losing:
  • Keep an eye out for objectives and ask teammates to go warding with you because let's say you only have all base towers that remain but want to ward Baron . The likelihood that you'll get caught is at about 65% roughly guessed.
  • Try to have as many pink wards out as possible - I'd recommend close to buffs.
  • Ward around camps, such as the wolves .
  • Use the vision plants whenever it is possible and safe

When you're going kind of equal.
  • Study the opponents' way of walking around the map and warding it. When you see that they rarely use wards, try to bait them in the jungle or just wait until one or two of them start fighting camps.
  • I might be repeating myself but: ALWAYS WARD Dragons AND Baron
  • Ward often used pathways, mostly the river
  • Try to ward their jungle, but try not to go alone or do not stray too far from your teammates.

Here's an example for warding especially for the bot side (you're team blue and start at the left bottom of the map):
  • Icy blue dots are for your vision cones. Do not hesitate using them unless you want to save them for special events like a soon spawning dragon .
  • Red dots are for the blasting cones (bomb plants).
  • Green numbers are for your usual vision wards. Numbers 1, 2 and 3 display the best vision spots where you should want to place your wards every time. I know that it's not always possible for various reasons (like you don't know where the enemy jungler and/or mid laner are or you're losing the lane and you don't really care about having vision of the enemy jungler). For these situations, I added the numbers 4 and 5. However, you should try to ward the blasting cone inside the enemy jungle as well.
    I know there number 5 is there twice but that's because ensuring vision of one of the side brushes will depend where you are "tower hugging" or the enemy's freezing the lane.
One more thing which might occur as a frequent question:
Why ward the blasting cone instead of the brush underneath it?

Well, imagine that the enemy jungler just finished Gromp and now checks if they could gank bot lane. He'd probably walk through the tribrush and either use the blasting cone (ward 3) or walk back to the blue buff and then walk through ward 2. Either way, you'll spot him. If you just warded the brush below the blasting cone,you will still see him but by that it'll be probably too late to escape - especially if you've pushed the lane.
  • Lastly, pink numbers are for Control wards. The lower the number, the better the position. If you feel that you need a Control Ward in your tribrush, you could always ask your ADC to buy one. When you're playing rather defensively, I would advice placing a Control ward at position 1 or 2. But if you're going equal or winning, you should definitely try to place it as deep into the enemy jungle as possible (one of the number 3 positions). I wouldn't recommend putting a Control Ward into position number 4 because both number 3s are more valuable and the enemy will walk through either your stealth ward or the Control Ward in position number 3. :)

Since this whole chapter is already quite detailed, I'll try to keep it short, promise.

Tips & Tricks
  • Your Q, Prowling Projectile, will charge up for more damage when it travels for 1 second. While attached, you can freely navigate it with your mouse to ensure that the enemy can only escape it by being out of range.

  • Try to land your Q Prowling Projectile as often as your Passive Bop 'n' Block is up and auto attack an enemy to gain a shield and trade it to your attached ally. For that you'll have to detach from your ally for a short time to land the auto-attack. But after it has hit and you gain the shield, you can attach to your ally again.

  • With your W, You and Me!, you can swap allies while being attached for no cost and no cool down. In combination with that, you can cast Final Chapter or Prowling Projectile to set up team fights and/or trades in lane without being focused and healing your carries with Zoomies.

  • While casting your ultimate Final Chapter you can jump around allies with You and Me!. However you will most likely have a champion that jumps on the enemies first or right the second you start your ultimate to be probably able to root most enemies. So the positioning of your team but also of the enemy team will be most relevant.
    Great synergies would be Malphite, Irelia, Udyr and Katarina. Probably a Galio as well. Basically anyone who can dash or jump into crowds. Attach to the dash/jump in champion, cast your ultimate and after it, attach back to your carry again to keep him/her alive. However, this kind of play style is rather unique and yearns for training first.

  • You can attach to an ally with You and Me! who is Teleporting to for example defend a tower which is being pushed in by an enemy carry if it is obvious that you can kill the enemy carry.

  • You can also attach to an ally with You and Me! who is almost done recall ing to shorten your own Recall time.

Laning Phase & Early Game
Personally, I like to think that this phase of the game can be one of the most important. Why? You might say that you're not able to do much but that's not completely true. Remember how they say when you see a person the first few seconds will manipulate your opinion of them? It's not that much different from that.

Since Yuumi is pretty powerful in early, you should try really hard to get the highest possible advantage out of it. Instead of being attached to your ADC the whole time, try to help her/him farm by healing and shielding your ADC from potential damage and denying the enemy ADC farm. If you're successful, the enemy jungler will most likely show up and try to help their bot lane. So you should be prepared - with wards and having a constant eye on the mini map.
I'm not saying that it's always wise to go full harassive, but sometimes it might be your only choice when you're countered badly.
Playing safe would also be a wise move when you're playing against real harassive champions or ideal combos, such as Lucian and Braum or Brand and Jhin/ Jinx. You get the idea, I hope (if not please don't hesitate to ask me via PN or leave a comment ♥).

Mid Game
In mid game you should have the feeling of where this game will go. Will it turn out in your favor or do you have to work hard to keep up with the rest of your team?
Winning lane & being ahead
Most people think it's easier but it's actually the same -
keep it cool and...
  • deep ward (objectives!!, crucial paths etc.),
  • watch your enemies' steps,
  • don't start fights when you have no vision.
  • only force teamfights when you know you'll easily win them.
  • never lose focus and sight of the enemies' carries.
  • communicate with your team via pings (such as when to do objectives).
  • try to move around as a team, set up traps and
  • stay as close to your carries as possible - sometimes it's worth if a Zed misclicks and kills you with his ult if your ADC/carry will stay alive in return.
  • never go off alone.

Losing lane & what it means to play passive
  • Playing defensive means you can't afford forcing team fights or harassing the enemies as much as you might want to. But it's crucial to ensure your ADC to keep on farming and at least to not fall even further behind.
  • Ask your team for help: Ask your jungler to gank, maybe your top can Teleport into a deep ward and help your ADC get some kills or your mid lane might want to ensure your ADC to scare the enemies off and recall so your ADC will hopefully manage to either get a kill, an assist or at least some more creeps. :)
  • Having to play defensive doesn't mean that you can't ward, but you might want to have only one or two deep wards out. You should go warding when you know where the enemy jungler is (like ganking top lane) to place your deep wards.

Late Game
Late Game is mostly the same as Mid Game but you should consider your steps more carefully, because the enemies might have full builds as well as your team, therefore ...
  • check the builds of your carries and see what the enemies' answer is in their builds. Do they build Armor because your ADC is fed? Does your ADC have Armor penetration in return?
  • Waaaaaards! Try to animate your team mates to ward with you.
  • Don't fall into traps and watch your enemies' movements closely to be able to prevent potential objective losses. You woudn't want to risk losing a Baron Nashor just because your whole team showed on bot lane half a minute ago.
  • Try to go in groups or communicate if split pushing would be an option to obtain more objectives.

You can or should roam when ...
  • your lane looks safe (like the enemies just recalled or don't have much pressure against your ADC)
  • your ADC just recalled but you don't have to (like full mana)
  • you got a lot of vision, especially deep wards (!!) and you know where the enemy jungler is (like up top)
  • your mid hasn't much pushed and asked for help
  • your jungler will gank mid soon and it's enough time for you to run mid
  • your team decided to take the tower down and has lane priority
  • your team decided to summon the Rift Herald to take the tower
  • your ADC has pushed the bot lane to reset the wave and you got some capacity to gank/roam (remember: wards, mana, spells available)
  • you got lane priority on bot
  • you're going even on bot but need some extra money to get lane priority
  • mid is going even or feeding and a shut down would benefit the whole team
  • the roam wouldn't be in vain (imagine a LeBlanc, Ezreal or Talon mid who can simply hop or dash away from you and you've just wasted your time while your enemy bot can safely get CS while you're missing out)
  • your mid and/or jungle are fighting in the jungle or river and your help would turn the fight in your team's favor
  • you know the enemies don't have wards on the paths you're walking or you deward while walking. In this case you might want to consider that the enemies are cautious though.

As you can see, there are sooo many possibilities to roam. Of course there are also quite some things to consider (Is it worth it? Do I have enough vision? Will my team benefit if I roam right now?). Now, I can't answer these questions for you because they're situational ones. But I can say that if you roam, the likelihood that you'll help your team even more and you can give them some advantage will be higher compared to not roaming at all.

Also, you probably realized by now that mid lane will be your most favored lane to roam to. You can also roam to top lane but this will most likely only happen when the enemies have already diminished the first tower and are pushing towards the second while your top laner is exasperated and can only watch. It's not always favorable too because you cannot simply run back to bot lane which would allow the enemies to pressure your lane freely.
It's favorable to roam with your ADC but not completely necessary.

You should consider recalling, when ...
  • your ADC indicates you he/she can buy an important item (like B. F. Sword) or has a larger sum.
  • it's obvious that the enemy jungler will most likely gank your lane very soon.
  • you've pushed your lane all the way up to the enemy tower.
  • you need to reset the lane.
  • there's no risk of losing the turret.
  • if it's impossible to protect your turret.
  • you've run out of wards.
  • you have to possibility to help another lane and you won't lose objects (turret, drake etc.) in the meantime. This is also known by snowballing and you should only consider this move when going equal or you're winning your lane.
One more thing.
Never forget that League is a team game - you will most likely not win this game all alone by going solo. It's just not happening. You're with the people you entered the game with until it's over. So make sure to treat everybody accordingly and with honor and niveau - just the way you'd expect them to treat you plus another 10% of honor, because you can make this community better by your own behavior. If they flame you, don't get triggered. We all make mistakes but we can only change ourselves.

  • Warding is very important - it saves lives and wins games.
  • Don't go warding alone (or stray too far from your team), especially when you don't know where the enemies might be.
  • Keep an eye on the mini map to guess your enemies' next steps and use that knowledge against them.
  • Objectives are important! Don't forget them.
  • Peel for your team by rooting their carries and keeping your allies healthy.
  • Know your strenghts just as well as your weak spots and play accordingly.

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