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League of Legends Red Brambleback


Gold: 58
Experience: 90

Health: 1800
Armor: 10
Magic Resistance: -5
Attack Damage: 80
Attack Speed: 0.60
Movement Speed: 250
Spawn Time: 1:40
Respawn Time: 5:00
Respawn Time: 5:00


The Red Brambleback is a large neutral monster on Summoner's Rift. In terms of statistics, it is nearly identical to the Elder Lizard, which was the predecessor of the Red Brambleback . It is accompanied by two Cinderlings. When slain, its killer gains a buff called Crest of Cinders , lasting for 2 minutes, which causes the unit's physical attacks to apply a debuff that slows enemies and deals true damage over time, and also heals the unit by a percentage of his max health every 5 seconds. When the holder of the buff is killed by another champion, that champion gains the buff and the duration resets.


Junglers receive a bonus when using Smite on the biggest monster in a jungle camp. Using Smite on the Red Brambleback restores 20% of your maximum health. This bonus can only be claimed once per spawn.

When available, the Red Brambleback emits green bubbles. Once the bonus is harvested, the effect disappears until the Red Brambleback respawns. This effect is only visible to champions with the summoner spell Smite.

Info from LoLWiki

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