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Recalling refers to the term when a champion presses the "B" button or clicks the "Recall" button at the bottom of their screen during the game. Recall is an ability that every summoner has, regardless of champion chosen. The spell allows its champion to hard channel for 8 seconds (or 4.5 seconds in Dominion) and teleport back to their respawn pool after the channel is completed. The spell is cancelled if the champion's recall was interrupted during the 8 / 4.5 seconds. The provided image on the left is the affect that appears on the minimap when an allied champion is recalling - the circle around the champion is red when an enemy champion is recalling; only appears if vision is provided of the enemy champion recalling.

Recall is activated either by clicking the Recall button on the ability panel or by pressing the key to which the function is bound ("B" by default). After activating Recall, the champion will enter a hard channel state for 8 seconds. The channel will cancel if the champion is hit by any attack or spell, or by moving or performing any action. If the channel is successfully completed, the champion will be teleported to the team's respawn point.

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