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League of Legends (LoL) Item: Chemtech Putrifier

Chemtech Putrifier
Total Price: 2100 | Recipe Price: 500 | Sell Price: 1470

LoL Item: Chemtech Putrifier
  • 15 Ability Haste
  • 35 Ability Power
  • 10% Heal And Shield Power
  • 75% Base Mana Regeneration

UNIQUE Passive: Dealing damage to enemy champions inflicts them with grievous wounds for 3 seconds.
  • 15 Ability Haste
  • 35 Ability Power
  • 10% Heal And Shield Power
  • 75% Base Mana Regeneration

UNIQUE Passive: Dealing damage to enemy champions inflicts them with grievous wounds for 3 seconds.

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Olympus shark | January 28, 2023 11:56am
Now there is no difference between Chemtech Putrifier and the Morellonomicon. This is ridiculous! They think they buffed this item in V13.1b version, it's actually nerfed. This item will be received by enchanters, but it is no different from the grievous wound item that mages receive. Mages can use the Morellonomicon by just dealing damage, but an enchanter must stay behind. They can only heal and shield. This item was nerfed too big. Do not buy. Buy Morellonomicon because they both have the same passive but Morellonomicon gives better stats
Tauricus2017 (120) | January 28, 2023 6:20pm
I also believe that the Chemtech Putrifier change was probably a nerf. And while I love the fact that they added Heal and shield power to it, I still think the reduction of other stats was too big of a prize to pay.

However, I still believe that this was a good & healthy change overall. Before Lulu (or any other enchanter) could just sit far back and spam her shields to distribute the grievous wounds. While that was certainly powerful - it was extremely unhealthy. Enchanters should not be rewarded for just spamming defensive spells. Their kit offers so much more and they should feel encouraged to use it all - not just that 1 healing/shielding spell. Now they need to step up if they want to get the effect of this item. The game is encouraging them to actually use their offensive tools and to play better as a result, because supports that don't use them are simply not playing their champions to their full potential.

Whether its Starcall, Glitterlance, Inner Flame, Hymn of Valor, High Note, or any other poking ability, enchanters do have tools to easily and effectively utilize this item. But they have to work for it, land their skill shot, and position better. These are the tools enchanters should spam anyway, with Chemtech Putrifier or without.

I swear seeing these Soraka players that never auto attack, never Q, and never get anywhere near enemy champions just makes my eyes crawl out :D This change feels like it discourages them from this behavior and I absolutely support that!

Also please don't ever build Morellonomicon on enchanters >.< I know Chemtech just got worse, but morello costs 3000 gold!!! It also provides near-useless stats like magic pen and much worse cost efficiency, while Chemtech at least gives you the sweat sweat Heal & shield power now. I get you're frustrated that the item you like just got nerfed (it slightly hurts me too - Soraka is my most played champion), but trust me when I say that it's probably for the better...
Olympus shark | January 30, 2023 4:11pm
Most of the enchants' kit consists of healing/shielding spells. The previous Chemtech Putrifier was incredibly compatible for enchanters. And now you're telling me this nerf is good for enchanters to play aggressively. Really? They will risk their lives and die just to activate the grievous wounds for 3 seconds or they will play safe again and they will be less active than before! okay, what about Thornmail? no longer works when using cc skills.These changes in patch 13.1b are neither a nerf nor a buff. It just makes items more useless. Better not buy grievous wounds items
HoneyMaron | February 20, 2021 11:24am
Chempunk Purifier can be applied with any of Sera's abilities. Even if they don't have an active healer like Soraka, Sona, etc. but it can help cut the healing of bruisers and tankier champs like Warwick and Udyr. Her W can apply it to all teammates during a team fight because of her range.
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