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League of Legends Blue Sentinel


Gold: 100
Experience: 110 - 148.5 (based on level)

Health: 2100 - 3675 (based on level)
Armor: 10 - 20 (based on level)
Magic Resistance: -15 - -30 (based on level)
Attack Damage: 82 - 303 (based on level)
Attack Speed: 0.493
Movement Speed: 180
Spawn Time: 1:30
Respawn Time: 5:00
Respawn Time: 5:00


The Blue Sentinel is a large neutral monster on Summoner's Rift. In terms of statistics, it is nearly identical to the Ancient Golem, which was the predecessor of the Blue Sentinel . It is accompanied by two Sentries. When slain, its killer gains a buff called Crest of Insight , lasting for 2 minutes, which greatly increases mana regeneration, energy regeneration and cooldown reduction. When the holder of the buff is killed by another champion, that champion gains the buff and the duration resets.


Info from LoLWiki

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