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League of Legends Rift Herald

Rift Herald


DESCRIPTION: The herald is an important objective before 20 minutes. It grants a buff/relic which can be used to make plays on the map to create advantages for your team. The relic that is picked up by the team killing it, picked up by only one member, provides that champion with empowered recall and an eye of the herald, which temporarily replaces the vision slot.

Once a subtle and passive rift scuttler, now a mutated creature due to the void energy gushing out from the Baron pit. It now occupies the pit until it is challenged and destroyed or scurries away just before the Baron spawns at 20 minutes.
SPAWNS: Spawns at 9:50 minutes into the game, despawning at 19:45, 19:55 if in combat, making space for baron nashor.

- Drops a relic which can be picked up by only one member from the team that slayed it.
- The relic lasts on the map for 40 seconds, if not picked up, then disappears.
- The relic, also known as the eye of the herald, replaces the vision item slot temporarily until it is used or expires after 4 minutes if not used.
- Crushing the relic summons the herald as an over-sized minion on your side, and moves towards the closest lane in your vicinity to attack the nearest structure in that lane.

STATS when fighting the herald:

Gold: 100
Experience: 200
Health: 10000 - 16000 (based on level)
Attack Damage: 100 - 250 (based on level)
Range: 250
Armor: 60
Magic Resist: 50
Critical Strike Chance: 0%
Attack Speed: 0.5
Movement Speed: 325
Initial Spawn Time: 9:45
Despawn Time: 19:45, 19:55 if in combat.
- Basic attacks deals 4% of target's current health as bonus physical damage.
- Takes 35% reduced damage from ranged basic attacks.
- Warped Armor: Is immune to all disabling debuffs.
- Eye of the Baron: Being in battle for 3 seconds causes the herald to take bonus true damage equal to 12% of it's maximum health from a champion's basic attack. This effect goes on cooldown for 10 seconds and is reduced by 2.5 seconds for every basic attack from the champion challenging the herald.

Stats when summoned:
Health: 4000 - 6400 (based on average level of both teams)
Attack Damage: 80 - 200 (based on average level of both teams)
Attack Speed: 0.5
Range: 250
Armor: 60
Magic Resist: 50
Movement Speed: 425
- Charge: Winds up and charges forward dealing 200% AD and knocking aside enemies while passing through them.
- Swipe: At certain health levels, winds up and attacks in a cone shape dealing 300% AD to enemies in front.
- The rift herald loses HP over time and while headbutting enemy towers.
- Every 3 seconds, champion basic attacks deal 20% of rift herald's maximum health as bonus true damage.

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