Played this game Monday night with a duo partner in Mid. Early game I focused on murdering Katarina every time she got out of line. Kled was struggling a bit so I eventually got Top lane to blow Kayle's Flash and ultimate, which gave Kled the breathing space to get some farm and start picking up some kills on Kayle.

Bot lane backed me up on picking up the Bot side scuttle crab since they had the push. IIRC we ended up killing Katarina and Lux in the process. There may even have been a third kill.

After that our Bot lane firmly took control of their lane.

At that point I realized the only way we lost the game was if we messed up. All we had to do was sit on the Caitlyn and let her take towers. After Kled tried to go for a tower dive on their Mid base turret which ended up giving the enemy team two or three kills I told the team there was no need to dive, we can just setup and take turrets with Caitlyn. And so we did. And there was nothing the enemy team could do about it.

In the post game lobby there was someone on the enemy team complaining that his team did nothing. Which isn't quite true.

They simply needed to have some plays go their way in the early game for them to have any options in the late game. So yes there would have felt like there was a point in the game where their team was doing nothing. But at that point their options were limited to our team messing up in a significant way.

Just interesting to me as I've heard LS talk about how he is only concerned about one team because that team will dictate what happens in the game and I finally recognized a game in which my team held all the cards.