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27 Sep

-I did decently at thinking about what I wanted to do at least as far as the early game went.
-I had a couple of flubs on this in the Mid game that cost us two Drakes, one of which was an Infernal.
-I need to direct my team if I see them in the wrong place or using too many resources in the wrong place.
-I need to move to the edge of the fountain when buying.
-The gamble I took to secure the first infernal drake was too big of a gamble with the information I had and the resources I had available.
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22 Sep
I don't think Riot really thought about the impact of missions in Onslaught.

The other modes are fine.

But having the missions be asynchronous with respect with the community was a horrible design choice.

To explain. You work your way up to earning five augments, each of which modifies a basic ability in some way. For instance Ziggs can get an augment called Hex Healing that makes his Hexplosive Minefield heal his allies.

Honestly pretty neat. You get the augments through playing (actually I think there is a pack in the store that allows you to buy them all without...
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21 Sep

I want to talk about one of the most tilt inducing thing in the game for your jungler.

Say you jungler hands you first blood on a platter and then returns for a gank and hands you another kill.

And wards up the enemy jungle so you can an incoming gank early.

Do not do something stupid to throw you lead. Protect your lead.

This includes things like not taking a bad trade just before their jungler will show up to gank you.

They will try to gank you if you are trading with them enemy laner...
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11 Sep
When you are stuck in a rut as jungler there are some actions you can take to help get yourself squared away again.

Champion Guides

-Go find a guide on your favorite champion, read it, and if you have any questions ask the guide author.

I obviously prefer Mobafire and you may too since you are here. :-)

-Make sure your itemization, runes, and ability/lvl choices are up to date.

-If the guide doesn't have it or you just want to make sure you have the most current info possible, go update your knowledge of jungle pathing by finding a high level player clearing on youtube...
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31 Aug

Nunu & Willump is now a CC monster that can get around the map very fast, has amazing neutral objective control, and zone control. In short they took everything that made old Nunu & Willump good and added features that make him even better.

Important things to note is that all of his ablities now either do damage or enhance his damage whereas before he was limited to his ult, AAs, and his snowball for damage.

His new passive, Call of the Freljord, is basically Blood Boil except it now makes his attacks...
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