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30 Mar
"Winning is a byproduct of the things that you do before that. Focus on doing the things that enable you to win, not wins themselves." paraphrase of Danyon Toiga

Case in point - If the enemy is sieging your mid base turret and your Mid laner has to go back to the fountain to heal up from being poked down and your Support is trying to set up a Banner of Command minion in Top lane then you can't engage even if your ADC gets caught. You conceed the tower and inhibitor and wait for your ADC to respawn.

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20 Mar
Tarzaned offers coaching of a Kindred game play for a sometime Master tier player.

There are several things to take away from this coaching session, but the one I found most interesting for where I am at is what to do when an enemy laner is running Ignite.

So you run Ignite for increased kill pressure. Other summoner spells tend to scale better later in the game, so that means you will want to use your Ignite to get kills early. That probably means a laner with Ignite is going to play aggressively.

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10 Mar
Some interesting points about playing ADC, but the main point of interest to me was pointing out instances when the person being coached should have reset to take advantage of an item spike or simply be safe and efficient while pushing.

A couple of the key points are discussed starting at 12:27, however if you only watch that you want to back up to when the person being coached and their support start their push in Top lane.

I particularly like the point about hey you only have 3 ranged minions which will only allow...
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02 Mar

Views: 1264 Notes from Ranked

Playing Notes

-Dodge Riven into Nasus games at least at my level of play if the enemy has the Nasus
- Anivia might be a counter to Yasuo, but check to see if the Anivia actually plays Anivia
-Use Tab More
-Look at lanes more
-Remember to cycle your camps
-Trust your gut
-Work out a system for using all of your time actives

Camp Cycling

I actually got this tidbit from a recent NEACE video.

While not new I hadn't really thought of it in the way that he explains it. I found...
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