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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Learning

22 Oct

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I've been trying out some Pyke to try to understand this champion that seems to 1v9 my team when on the enemy team and be pretty useless when they are on my team.

Gotta say that I feel like it is going to take more than 6 games.

I got yelled at on my first game by the Pantheon for taking kills without using my ult. Like dude, sometimes it is A) on cool down or B) just about to come up in the middle of a scrum and we kill them before it is off cool down.

But lesson learned, try to...
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20 Jun

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Ranked is a different beast than normals. If you want to get better at the game play ranked.

If you want to learn a champion do it in normals or in Flexqueue. Don't first time it in ranked soloqueue.

Don't link your worth as a person to your performance in the game whether normals or ranked. It is just a game and half the time it is a complete **** show and you can only do so much carrying and so much cheer leading.

Don't worry about your LP gains and loses. LP loses and gains get closer together the closer you get to your true rank. If you figure something out and go on a...
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30 Mar
"Winning is a byproduct of the things that you do before that. Focus on doing the things that enable you to win, not wins themselves." paraphrase of Danyon Toiga

Case in point - If the enemy is sieging your mid base turret and your Mid laner has to go back to the fountain to heal up from being poked down and your Support is trying to set up a Banner of Command minion in Top lane then you can't engage even if your ADC gets caught. You conceed the tower and inhibitor and wait for your ADC to respawn.

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