I've been trying out some Pyke to try to understand this champion that seems to 1v9 my team when on the enemy team and be pretty useless when they are on my team.

Gotta say that I feel like it is going to take more than 6 games.

I got yelled at on my first game by the Pantheon for taking kills without using my ult. Like dude, sometimes it is A) on cool down or B) just about to come up in the middle of a scrum and we kill them before it is off cool down.

But lesson learned, try to prioritize executing targets because you get two kills worth of gold that way and giving over kills when you don't have your ultimate available.

I tried two different rune setups so far and I kind of feel like either Mobility Boots are essential or if you don't feel you can go Mobi boots then you really want Relentless Hunter. With both you have god like mobility around the map. With one the amount of mobility feels acceptable. With neither. Yuck.

Definitely need to work on my KDA. Not having a health pool beyond what your base stats gives you means that you are one squishy mofo even if you are building tank.

Haven't tried an Ancient Coin start. That seems to be the go to in a lane where you aren't going to get poked like crazy, whereas Relic Shield is better in lanes where you are going to get poked a lot to keep you and your ADC healthier.

Vs Brand - let him use his abilities before going ham because he will mess you up if you let him stun you. The amount of AoE damage he does is still flat out insane with a few items, so try to pick him off before a team fight.

vs Sona - likely to poke your ADC out. Late game she can keep her team topped up on health, which makes your job much harder.

vs Lux - sigh when your ADC walks into a bind. Kai'Sa did this three times. Fortunately she scales like a beast. I left to go roam after our first tower fell and let Kai'sa fend for herself that way at least she could get solo farm and I don't need damage myself to help other laners get kills.

With Jhin we had enough damage to all in the Lux early and often.

vs Bard - Dodge his Q's and then F him up. With Thresh as his ADC they had a lot of lane presence so it was hard to pressure them. He can use his ult to block your ult or pin you down.

I'm still not sure on itemization. A tankier Pyke seems to be the prevailing build, but a lot of Pyke's still like Black Cleaver as they will point out you will find it hard to 100-0 anyone by yourself so you want to focus on setting up your team and as such the utility of tBC goes a long way in helping out your team.

Target selection with Death from Below and also targeting it properly seem to be a large component of Pyke's learning curve. It is hard to pull off on champions with a lot of dashes, so knowing what mobility options champions have available at a time when they are ultable is very important.

I do enjoy roaming with him, but you have to hope that your ADC has enough sense to play back when you are out of lane, so my general approach is to try and get my ADC ahead/leave them in a relatively safe spot with decent warding around them before going off and trying to influence other lanes, unless I simply feel like my ADC is a lost cause.

Still need to work on getting the stun off with Phantom Undertow and figuring out all the use of Bone Skewer such as flipping attackers over a wall to get away from them and not flipping someone nasty right into your team (Sorry about that Tristana!).

I do like the respect you get from enemies when you are charging up Bone Skewer or when you are patrolling in Ghostwater Dive.

I'll probably try playing him some more tonight and see how it goes.