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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Support

02 Jun

Views: 951 Support

I finally won a game on Yuumi and it wasn't like my team was ridiculously far ahead.

I haven't been able to make the Sorcery rune page work. What finally worked was the Inspiration page with Glacial Augment as my keystone.

Got the idea from bizzleberry's yuumi guide.

No idea if it is great into all lanes/comps, but if you play Yummy like lolphally suggests in this video it seems to work...
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22 Oct

Views: 689 Support

I've been trying out some Pyke to try to understand this champion that seems to 1v9 my team when on the enemy team and be pretty useless when they are on my team.

Gotta say that I feel like it is going to take more than 6 games.

I got yelled at on my first game by the Pantheon for taking kills without using my ult. Like dude, sometimes it is A) on cool down or B) just about to come up in the middle of a scrum and we kill them before it is off cool down.

But lesson learned, try to...
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25 Apr

Views: 404 Support

Can't impact lane as support, think about roaming:

Haven't played support in a while. Got to do some a few nights ago and I was noticing that I was watching the flow of the lane more and when we had good ward coverage but there was no kill potential I was looking to make roam plays to try and impact the game in other ways beside dominating the lane.

Use the F keys (mentioned below) to check out Mid lane. Check to see if your laner has mana, what their health is, and the where the minions are positioned in the lane. If you are on voice comm with them ask them if they want a...
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25 Jul

Views: 517 Support

Janna - I stayed away from playing Janna for a long time. Probably because it seems like she doesn't do anything (far from the truth) and Howling Gale seemed like an awkward ability to use appropriately.

Tailwind speeds up allies coming toward her. More speed is always a good thing as it lets you get places faster and makes it easier to dodge skillshots.

Howling Gale there isn't much quite a satisfying as stymieing a Leona or Lee Sin that is trying to gap close onto your carry with a timely or well placed Howling Gale. Nope.

You can either instant cast...
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20 Jul

Views: 411 Support

Tahm Kench as Support

Super Troll. My buddy gets him better than I do and once he has a point in all three abilities the fun begins.

1) Walk up to an enemy laner and apply three stacks of your passive
2) Devour them
3) Walk back to your ADC and deposit them a present
4) They Flash or take a heap of damage
5) Tahm heals up the majority of the damage he took so he can just do it again when his abilities are off of cooldown.

Another thing he likes to do is waddle over to the the river bush or the lane bush like he is going to ward and instead or in addition to...
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