Can't impact lane as support, think about roaming:

Haven't played support in a while. Got to do some a few nights ago and I was noticing that I was watching the flow of the lane more and when we had good ward coverage but there was no kill potential I was looking to make roam plays to try and impact the game in other ways beside dominating the lane.

Use the F keys (mentioned below) to check out Mid lane. Check to see if your laner has mana, what their health is, and the where the minions are positioned in the lane. If you are on voice comm with them ask them if they want a gank.

Clearing tip with Shyvana:

With Shyvana when you are taking the Raptors on your first clear, make sure to walk into them before turning on Burnout. This way Burnout will kill all the small raptors in one cycle. If you start it up before you are in the midst of them, one or two will live requiring you to take time auto attacking them individually to finish them off taking focus off the large raptor.

Quickly view other lanes without having to reposition the camera via mouse.

Tab menu - Order your lanes (when you open the Tab menu by hitting Tab it will show you all the champions in the game. You can click and drag them into different positions).

Typical order (this is the convention that most streamers I've watched use).


Then you can quickly cycle through your laners by hitting

F2 - Top
F3 - Mid
F4 - ADC
F5 - Support

F1 - is always you. You can also bring the camera back to you by hitting spaecbar (by default).

It is a really quick way to get key information about the lane conditions. Health, mana, number of and position on minions in the lane, how aggresively the enemy laner is playing, and sometimes you even spot their jungler or a roaming laner sneaking into a bush in order to do something nasty to your unsuspecting laner.

Being where you need to be:

Sometimes your team does stupid *****. They like to siege mid or take jungle fights without any wards, sometimes against superior numbers especially if they are ahead. However, even though you have an entire jungle to clear, your team is going to be better off if you are with them as they will have a much better chance of surviving if you are with them. So, if you see them going to do something stupid, don't let them do it alone. Get your tail over there and even the odds, get wards down, and do the things your champion is designed to do whether that be engage, peel, kill, or tank.

I sometimes have success telling my team not to fight as I'm going to be clearing and then back to get a key item. Everyone knows what 100g Locket, or IE, or Void staff means. It means a big power spike that isn't far away.

I find that often people don't intend to fight 4v5 or 3v5, they just don't notice that not all their team is with them.

So, doing what you can to make sure you are all together or make it very clear that there is going to be a delay before you can group can be huge as far as successfully team fighting and sieging come mid and late game.

Don't be that person.

Fed Tristana/Kha'zix/Lissandra "Why did you all fight? I wasn't with you."

rest of the team "Maybe because you didn't tell us you were backing?"