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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Roaming

25 Apr

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Can't impact lane as support, think about roaming:

Haven't played support in a while. Got to do some a few nights ago and I was noticing that I was watching the flow of the lane more and when we had good ward coverage but there was no kill potential I was looking to make roam plays to try and impact the game in other ways beside dominating the lane.

Use the F keys (mentioned below) to check out Mid lane. Check to see if your laner has mana, what their health is, and the where the minions are positioned in the lane. If you are on voice comm with them ask them if they want a...
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07 Jun
Slow-pushing is a way to be in two places at once.

If your minion waves are equal, you can start a slow-push by killing off 2-4 minions in the enemy wave. The more you kill the faster the wave pushes.

You can kill off the entire enemy minion wave if your minion wave is already missing some minions.

You generally start a slow-push in the mid to late game when your team wants to go for an objective.

By building up a large concentration of minions in your lane, you don't have to be there to push out enemy minion waves, your minions will do that for you. This gives you the...
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