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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Minions

04 Oct
I still need a map. Every time I get coaching this becomes readily apparent to me.

If I were to give a map to a new player it would look something like this.

Play a few Bot games to familiarize yourself with the the map, the controls, and the very basics of laning.

But don't spend a lot of time on Bots.

Start playing PvP as soon as you know which direction the enemy nexus lies in.

And don't expect to win right off the bat. That comes later.

Play in all the lanes and familiarize yourself with the characters that typically show up there.

If you really like one...
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19 Feb

Views: 335 Minions

If you are alone with at turret and healthy enough, move forward of the turret just slightly to tank the incoming mininon wave so the incoming minions will target you and not your minions. Focus on killing the enemy minion wave letting your minions target the turret and die to the turret denying CS to the enemy team. Once the enemy minion wave is dead then you can focus down the turret with your minions.

If your health is somewhat low you have a decision to make. Can you clear out the enemy minion wave fast? If so then nuke the minion wave and leave. This will give your minions...
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06 Nov

Views: 337 Minions

This is by no means a comprehensive list, however they are at least some of the things you should think about before deciding whether or not you are in a position to all in a particular target.

-Check your target's level
-Check their experience
-Check their items. How many health/mana potions do they have? Do they have more items than you?
-How many minions are present. Are there more of your minions than your minions? Or the other way around.
-Do they have any summoner spells up?
-Where is the enemy jungler?
-What abilities have they used recently?
-Do any of their items give...
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07 Jun
Slow-pushing is a way to be in two places at once.

If your minion waves are equal, you can start a slow-push by killing off 2-4 minions in the enemy wave. The more you kill the faster the wave pushes.

You can kill off the entire enemy minion wave if your minion wave is already missing some minions.

You generally start a slow-push in the mid to late game when your team wants to go for an objective.

By building up a large concentration of minions in your lane, you don't have to be there to push out enemy minion waves, your minions will do that for you. This gives you the...
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15 Apr

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I am but an egg when it comes to minion wave control. These are some my observations thus far.

Under normal circumstances when your minion wave collides with the enemy minion wave this is the formation that results.





There will be a gap between where the melee minions line up to fight each other and the ranged minions line up, unless the minions are reacting to your presence as they will preferentially target champions if they are in range.

So, one sure fire method to get your lane...
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