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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Support

06 Jul

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Your ADC will suck and your jungler and Mid will think that ganking means showing their face in lane after running through a ward that you told them was there, doing a bit of damage, and then stealing all the lane farm before leaving without a kill or summoner blown.

It is okay though because you are there to keep your non-kiting, poor trading, and unable to position properly ADC in the game and even get them ahead.

You will set up picks for your carry and your jungler. You will make sure trades come out in your favor. You will zone the enemy and make them weep if they deign...
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26 Jan

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Gragas Top

General observation about Gragas Top.

He is a safe pick. You'll likely be able to farm and harass your opponent a bit, and have a good chance of getting out of ganks between Body Slam and Flash, but you probably aren't going to win lane hard enough to make a difference in the match without jungler help or a mistakes on the part of your lane opponent. So, you have to be on the lookout for Teleport ganks to pull ahead of your lane opponent

Gragas vs Rumble

tldr; if you play a farm lane, Rumble has the edge is this matchup due to being...
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