I finally won a game on Yuumi and it wasn't like my team was ridiculously far ahead.

I haven't been able to make the Sorcery rune page work. What finally worked was the Inspiration page with Glacial Augment as my keystone.

Got the idea from bizzleberry's yuumi guide.


No idea if it is great into all lanes/comps, but if you play Yummy like lolphally suggests in this video it seems to work reasonably well.

;tldr version is attach using W, You and Me! to get control of your Qs, Prowling Projectile. Then detach with W once you've fired your Q and try to lay down some AAs. The shield you get from your passive, Feline Friendship will mitigate some retaliation damage. With Glacial Augment your AAs also slows them. So you get a slow from your Q and you can follow up with another slow via your AAs. Then you try to pump damage into whoever you slowed.

Of course you don't always want to detach, that is just your basic laning combo.

Attach (W), Q, Detach, AA, Decide if you want to Reattach or if you are better off keeping your target's focus split.

Pros of reattaching.

-You can't take damage.
-You can't be suppressed even if whoever you are riding is suppressed
-You can heal and speed up your ADC or whoever you attach to with your E Zoomies.
-If whoever you are attached to Teleports, Flashes, Dashes, goes back to the fountain, etc. you get to go along for the ride
-Gives you control over your Q to aid in chasing, running away, and doing damage
-Can help with your ult placement

Downsides of reattaching

-Now only one target instead of two.
-You can't heal yourself
-If whoever you are attached to Teleports, Flashes, Dashes, goes back to the fountain, etc. you get to go along for the ride
-Can royally throw off your ult placement
-You can't AA

After having tried her several times, I feel like she is going to always be better in professional play than soloqueue (assuming her numbers are ever good enough or if she does something that other champions can't do) because of how dependent on the movements of your teammates Yuumi is to get the maximum out of your kit.

It is fun to dash around between teammates and to use your skill set to out cat your enemies, but when your teammates don't know what your kit does or don't know how to position properly it feels bad to be Yuumi.

Oh, you can be targeted by turrets when attached. It is basically the only thing that can hit you I believe.

Overall I think she is fun to play. But either her numbers are off, or the right build hasn't been figured out, or she is simply so reliant on her teammates to make plays that her winrate is going to remain low for some time, so I think I would skip out on trying to main her in ranked.