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League of Legends Reforged Rune: Glacial Augment

Glacial Augment

LoL Reforged Rune: Glacial Augment

Basic attacking a champion slows them for 2 seconds. The slow increases up to its maximum strength over its duration.

  • Ranged: Ranged attacks slow by up to 30%-40% (at level 1-18)
  • Melee: Melee attacks slow by up to 45%-55% (at level 1-18)

Slowing a champion with active items shoots a freeze ray through them, freezing the nearby ground for 5 seconds, slowing all units inside by 60%.

Cooldown: 7-4 seconds per unit

Rune Path
LoL Reforged Rune Path

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Smileyman3004 | February 28, 2019 4:16am
@ ColossalDonut5 @ ShapeShifter Twin shadows is also a viable mage item and it has an active too which procs with glacial augment!
ShapeShifter | February 1, 2018 7:39pm
does zekes convergence: frostfire covenant count here towards "slowing a champion with active items"?
ShapeShifter | February 1, 2018 7:41pm
I'm wondering what active items a mage and particularly ryze can shoot a glacial augment
freeze ray with.
ColossalDonut5 (6) | February 21, 2018 1:10am
Zeke's doesn't work since it's technically not an active. An active is an item that requires you to press the number key to do something, for example Hextech GLP 800 would work since you have to press a button to activate it. In terms of items a mage can get, the GLP is about all, although the Hextech Gunblade also slows I find it's more for hybrids like Akali than pure mages like Ryze.

Tip: When you have the rune equipped the game will add an "Active Slows" box to the recommended purchases (similarly how it does with Masterwork Items for Ornn) which will have every item that is affected by Glacial Augment.
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