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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Ranked

22 Nov

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I believe these are all my games since the preseason change. Rocking Bronze 1, woo hoo!

I play jungle. I play with the enemy team muted and my team's chat really small. If any chat interaction with my team annoys me or people are pinging me too often I quickly mute them. /mute all is a fairly common occurrence.

If I look at my rune pages, Precision seems to be a pretty strong set at the moment.

Pets I honestly can't tell that much of a difference on. I think the damage one is the worst of the...
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28 Feb

Views: 984 Ranked

Don't have a lot of time for ranked at the moment since I'm spending some extra time prepping for an upcoming Aikido test. Should get a few games in come the weekend.

I'm wavering a bit on the ADC role. With Lucian dropping down it feels a little harder to take control of the lane with a crit based ADC. Or in other words the lanes feel more support dependent. (and the quality of supports is a complete **** shoot in soloqueue).

Not ranked, but I've had some good games on Ezreal and...
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07 Feb

Views: 810 Ranked

Jungle experience changes:

I think I am feeling it to some degree. Or at least theree are times I've noticed solo laners having a two level lead on me even when I would have been farming efficiently under the old experience system. Will have to watch some high level streamers and see what they've worked out. For the moment it looks like most of them are doing the same thing they used to do and haven't commented much on the changes.

Jungle playstyle:

I know what feels good. Counterpicking the enemy jungler with someone that can harrass them early and having lane...
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20 Jun

Views: 841 Ranked

Ranked is a different beast than normals. If you want to get better at the game play ranked.

If you want to learn a champion do it in normals or in Flexqueue. Don't first time it in ranked soloqueue.

Don't link your worth as a person to your performance in the game whether normals or ranked. It is just a game and half the time it is a complete **** show and you can only do so much carrying and so much cheer leading.

Don't worry about your LP gains and loses. LP loses and gains get closer together the closer you get to your true rank. If you figure something out and go on a...
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19 Apr

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Tilt basically amounts to a pattern of making poor or less than optimal decisions.

I see tilt as a matter of degree. Sometimes you go off the rails and sometimes it is subtle.

From a jungle perspective I often feel the pressure to match the enemy jungler in terms of number of ganks especially if they are getting kills.

This can cause me to deprioritize farming to try and gank more. I also tend to take more risks or tunnel on a target when my team is behind.

If my efforts go poorly, then I'll probably end up on tilt. There may be nothing to be done about that game, but on...
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