Don't have a lot of time for ranked at the moment since I'm spending some extra time prepping for an upcoming Aikido test. Should get a few games in come the weekend.

I'm wavering a bit on the ADC role. With Lucian dropping down it feels a little harder to take control of the lane with a crit based ADC. Or in other words the lanes feel more support dependent. (and the quality of supports is a complete **** shoot in soloqueue).

Not ranked, but I've had some good games on Ezreal and Kai'Sa. I've also put in several games of Twitch. Twitch feels really good if I get some early kills but I seem to have trouble hardcarrying a game with him if I don't get off to a good start.

Jungle wise I'me really enjoying Rek'Sai outside of game I had where a SA Kayn got ridiculously fed and could one shot my entire team including me (after having gone pretty tanky due to Kayn being fed). Concerns here are how often will she get banned? And what will the additional nerfs to Conqueror do to her and if impactful will Hail of Blades or Press the Attack be suitable as fallbacks?

The quality of life buffs she got in Patch 9.4 made a big difference in terms of ease of piloting. Basically not being able to miss her ultimate is a big deal since if you pick a low health target to go after they are going to die or take a huge chunk of damage.

Red > Krugs > Scuttle seems to be the best start, though you can get a little low taking the Krugs.

And she is pretty swift at taking advantage of a vertical jungle path if you spy the enemy jungler on the opposite scuttle. Either ward it yourself around 110 or ask your Mid laner to do it. (Top can but it is better if they save their ward).

So my path usually looks like

Red > Krugs > Scuttle > tBlue > tWolves (leave one) > tGromp > look Bot/Top or Mid for gank. (sometimes they will have already taken their blue so you only get their Wolves and their Gromp.

If you do go for the path above put a point into Tunnel at level three and be prepared to use it to get out if you get collapsed on. If you choose to power farm on your side of the map then you can put an extra point into Queen's Wrath / Prey Seeker. But since Rek'sai is a good ganker once she has Tunnel I usually opt for Tunnel at level three.

A lot of the time their jungler will try to gank after taking the opposite scuttle and they won't even look to counterjungle you. If this happens you've basically won the jungle especially if you can pick up a kill or two during your ganks and they don't.

After that you should look to take your Krugs on spawn and setup a tunnel network that allows you to move quickly between your camps to maintain your lead.

If you are Blue side it is pretty easy to get into the Dragon pit from behind and take drake while the enemy team is unaware, however I find her drake taking speed relative to the health loss to be on the low side, so I would recommend looking for ganks first.

If you have a free mouse button assign that to Target Champions Only because you the tilde key is IMO way out of the way and you'll be sad if you unload a Furious Bite only to chomp a minion.

In team fights your can be and initiator though it is probably better for you to be a secondary initiator if you are near full damage. Remember that you can Burrow / Unburrow during a team fight to either knockup a specific target or to peel for your carries. You can also use your Tunnel to get to a specific target or to move around in team fights. The one caveat to that is that if you get multiple tunnels down in a fight you can accidentally click on one and get taken for a ride that isn't ideal in terms of positioning so be mindful of what you are mousing over before issuing a movement command. Generally you are trying to snipe out low health targets that you've marked with your ultimate, but you can also use your ultimate to reposition to get to key target if the circumstances warrant.