I believe these are all my games since the preseason change. Rocking Bronze 1, woo hoo!

I play jungle. I play with the enemy team muted and my team's chat really small. If any chat interaction with my team annoys me or people are pinging me too often I quickly mute them. /mute all is a fairly common occurrence.

If I look at my rune pages, Precision seems to be a pretty strong set at the moment.

Pets I honestly can't tell that much of a difference on. I think the damage one is the worst of the lot, with the utility of the other two once transformed being much more useful.

Kiting: I've never super optimized my clears so I like that it isn't as required.

Sustain: can be a problem on some junglers still, but not as big a deal for a lot of junglers. For mana users I sometimes find myself going OOM in late game outside of the jungle.

Cross map invading as a recourse to a gank on the opposite side of the map is less fruitful as you often can only pick up 1 camp before the enemy junlger shows up with an item advantage if they based after the gank.

Mid game counterjungling seems like a good option as it denies the enemy junlger treats so that is something to think about, but kind of happens as a matter of course if you are winning?

Shelly does less damage to turrets, so while still very good to get for some gold in your pocket for Shelly itself and tower gold/plate gold if you can get it to crash is nice, it doesn't feel quite as impactful as last season.

Plants on steroids are nice, I think. I guess as long as using them goes my way. XD

People seem to be trying things out, so games aren't as stable as you might think.

Teammates still do really weird things, but I think that is par for the course.

I still think fighting should primarily be done to get a man advantage for taking objectives.

But since your laners don't appear to think about that then junglers that can quickly get to random skirmishes are fairing well, like Kayn, Warwick, Hecarim, Nocturne, all seem to be good choices in the current meta.

Trundle as per my usual opinion, feels good into single tank comps. I feel like he can get bounce housed vs multi-tank comps and your team is probably not going to focus the one you striped the stats from in a soloqueue fight.

Anyway, after a stint playing Path of Exile and deciding the game is currently too RNG as far as gear progression, and getting excited by watching Worlds in NA my interest in league has been renewed. So I probably will end up playing more this season.

best of luck in your climbs!