Jungle experience changes:

I think I am feeling it to some degree. Or at least theree are times I've noticed solo laners having a two level lead on me even when I would have been farming efficiently under the old experience system. Will have to watch some high level streamers and see what they've worked out. For the moment it looks like most of them are doing the same thing they used to do and haven't commented much on the changes.

Jungle playstyle:

I know what feels good. Counterpicking the enemy jungler with someone that can harrass them early and having lane priority. Those games feel like guaranteed steam rolls since you can keep the enemy jungler out of the game for a long time and get laners that support you ahead at the same time.

Losing lanes or having laners that just can't pilot their champions as well as they should in a particular match-up feels bad as it makes it hard to be proactive.


Kit is actually pretty fun since he he has a clear combo and can proc his passive a bunch if performed correctly. His healing is on the nutty side. It feels like either you can deal with it or you can't so he feels like *** to play against if ahead and still semi-dangerous even if behind. I do NOT like that he can steal your ultimate even if you aren't level 6 or it is on cooldown. That is just feelsbadman, espeically with it being point and click. Also with the healing their really isn't an anti-healing AP defense option, so it feels kind of weird to be itemizing a thornmail vs his as a tank. It is a little less awkward if you are an AD champ buying Executioner's Calling, though if you don't really use armor penetration effeciently then finishing it into Mortal Reminder doesn't feel great.

Game overall

Feels like you need to win laning phase. Going even makes it a **** shoot and losing lanes is almost a guaranteed loss.

The playerbase is getting better at warding and they know to rotate after taking their tower to apply pressure other places. Doesn't mean teams are completely coordinated by any means, but it does serve to accelerate the pace of games especially with towers feeling like paper once the turret plating goes down.

Makes playing soloque norms vs groups on comms feel rough if they are being coordinated about making my or my laners lives miserable.

Tower plates feel like a double edged sword. You get rewarded for being able to put damage on towers while they are up and you know how long you need to stick around to get the gold, but the greed man. Just one more plate! Is a thing that can swing a lane.

ADC itemization changes

I still don't get why Rito makes signficant changes like this after pre-season.


I'm on track to match my placement record of last yeart of 1-9. Feels very team dependent, but that may be that I'm just not seeing my openings. One Sejuani game pretty clean, but I had good laners to play off of. I think I might just stick with Xin Zhao for the remaining games and see how that goes. I had a love hate relationship with him last season since he got me into Gold, but I felt damn near useless if it got to late game.


I am working on caring less if my laners are monkeys. Trying to focus on more on why plays didn't go well based on my perspective and abilities rather than what my laners do. It is a balancing act. Care too little and you might not put in the effort you need to win games. Care too much and tilt or overreach become problems.