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25 Oct
Going to talk about ADC because they are so item dependent for their strength and they don't lane alone and commonly have visitors to their lane via Mid roams, jungler ganks, or Teleport ganks from their Top laner.

If you get a kill and you can't quickly take the turret, do not nuke the damn minion wave. Help your ADC quickly push the minion wave but give the majority of the CS to them. By all means Mr or Mrs Jungler/Mid/Top take a CS or two if you got a kill or blew a flash. You probably missed some farm when you roamed and I understand the need to make some of that up.

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18 Oct

Runes: Hyd Pen, Health, MR, Arm
Masteries: 0-30-0


Just trying one of my old favs Dr. Mundo out after his buffs.

Heart Zapper does the same amount of damage as it did before but the damage is applied more quickly, giving it more “burst”.

Blunt Force Trauma got a number of improvements. It is now an auto attack reset. So you can quickly AA + E + AA for a nice chunk of damage. The cost on it is now paid after you smack something rather than before. And for added fun when you...
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14 Oct

Views: 962 Kindred

Kindred is squishy. Her ultimate, Lamb's Respite, helps her play around this fact. With the odd caveat that it also prevents her enemies from being reduced below 10% of their max health and heals them, along with allies, when it ends.


Start with Wolf's Frenzy as it heals you when it reaches 100 stacks from moving around. Then get Dance of Arrows for the multi-target damage and dash to help with kiting and dashing through walls and getting out of base just a little quicker.

From my observation, Dances of Arrows does not fire if there are no valid...
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09 Oct
I've started a little project for myself, which is to become proficient on all the of champions that Stonewall008 mentions as recommended junglers in his video (insert link).

Jarvan IV

I've played a decent amount of Amumu, Elise, Jarvan IV. Only a game or two here and there on Vi. And up until now I've only plinked around with Rek'Sai back around when she first came out.

I've racked up three or four Rek'Sai games over the last couple of days and decide to put together a list of some of things I've found with her in my...
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05 Oct
Yasuo - fk that guy.

One of those champions that I find frustrating to play against whatever position he happens to be in as he has a high snowball potential because even if you respect his knock up, he is invariably going to hit you with one at some point and then odds are good that you are going to go down and he is going to be ahead no matter how well you've played up until that point.

Also in your Yasuo vs their Yasuo match-up you invariably have the wrong Yasuo. You know, the one that tries to Wind Wall Riven's Q as opposed to her R. On some level it just as...
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