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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: ADC

13 Feb

Views: 787 ADC

That one turned epic. We went down two inhibitors but managed to come back. Everyone was patient and stuck with it. Not much chatter in chat other than me doing some traffic direction around objectives. Even I kind of lost sight of what to do after we couldn't finish with our second Baron Nashor and an Elder Dragon. My Guardian Angel got popped and I died to a flipping Jhin grenade that was still bouncing around when I revived as it apparently doesn't go away when he dies. It was either that or...
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25 Oct
Going to talk about ADC because they are so item dependent for their strength and they don't lane alone and commonly have visitors to their lane via Mid roams, jungler ganks, or Teleport ganks from their Top laner.

If you get a kill and you can't quickly take the turret, do not nuke the damn minion wave. Help your ADC quickly push the minion wave but give the majority of the CS to them. By all means Mr or Mrs Jungler/Mid/Top take a CS or two if you got a kill or blew a flash. You probably missed some farm when you roamed and I understand the need to make some of that up.

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14 May

Views: 452 ADC


Miss Fortune ****s on Vayne in lane. Trade early and trade often while balancing out your mana usage. Pop her with Double Up if she hangs out behind her minion wave, which she will want to do after you've traded with her once. Generally speaking I would save Make it Rain for disengage if their lane decides to do an all-in or the jungler comes to gank as it simply burns too much mana to be a regular part of your rotation. However, if you can set up a kill by getting a couple or more autoattacks in, don't hesitate to use the slow to keep your target in range....
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13 May

Views: 1049 ADC

As is my usual, I've been dinking around with another champion trying to learn their ins and outs. This time it is Miss Fortune.

She has an interesting though confusing kit.

Her Q, Double Up, actually does more damage if you can get it to bounce to a secondary target. This creates a little mini-game in lane where you try to line it up to nail enemy champions who are standing behind their creeps.

Her W, Impure Shots, has a couple of elements to it. The active portion of it is pretty straight forward. It is an attack speed steroid and it makes Double-Up and [[Bullet...
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04 May

Views: 453 ADC

3-10-6 Quinn and Nautilus vs Jinx and Thresh

I've upgraded this matchup to hard as laning against her isn't easy and late game she can just pelt you with rockets and you can't do much about it. Also if she is savvy with the positioning of her traps she can lob them where you are going to land after you Vault off of her.

It also helps to have a Nautilus that actually knows how to support and doesn't cost you half your farm by autoattacking it at inappropriate times.

3-8-9 Quinn and Nami vs Kennen and Nidalee

This lane is one...
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