That one turned epic. We went down two inhibitors but managed to come back. Everyone was patient and stuck with it. Not much chatter in chat other than me doing some traffic direction around objectives. Even I kind of lost sight of what to do after we couldn't finish with our second Baron Nashor and an Elder Dragon. My Guardian Angel got popped and I died to a flipping Jhin grenade that was still bouncing around when I revived as it apparently doesn't go away when he dies. It was either that or maybe Anivia's ult.

Been watching some xFSN Saber since I've been playing mostly ADC in ranked.

Two of his videos have been quite helpful and so I wanted to highlight them here for aspiring ADC mains.

Two actual useful tips for winning more games (my paraphrase of the title)

I tried applying those two tips in the game above and I pretty much got punished every time I broke either rule.

Lane Matchups Pt1 Trade vs Catch

Including trying to kill a catch + all-in combo ( Anivia + Leona) when I hit level two and dying because that wasn't to the strength of my laning partner who is catch + poke until level 6 when he also gets good at all-ins , especially with both of the enemy laners running Exhaust. I almost killed the Leona but did not quite have enough in me on top of what my support could bring on top of the fact that I didn't ping my support to let him know I was going in and on who. Oh and I neglected to consider that Wukong might show up when I flashed into the river bush after Leona. Did I mention mistakes were made? XD (it also kind illustrates how ridiculously strong Lucian is in the early lane, which is the reason he has nerfs on the horizon)

In one situation I shoved the enemy into their turret, and then since I know I am not supposed to hit turret unless they have no way of contesting so I walked Mid and blew Jhin away. (shh ignore the fact that Zyra died in the process and Veigar got himself caught because he wasn't savvy enough to know what he was dealing with in our lane oppoents). The point being that I made use of the time when hitting turret wasn't smart.