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08 Feb
To expand on my previous post on Control Wards since I realized I don't have the greatest handle on the difference between camouflage and invisibility.

Champions with Invisibility and hence will not be revealed by a Control Ward

Ways to reveal an invisible unit

-Run near to a friendly turret
-Be a Burrowed Rek'Sai with the target moving (they won't show up to Tremor Sense if they are standing still)
-Hit them with a skill shot that does damage to make them shimmer briefly...
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08 Feb
Control Wards Disable ememy wards that are in their 600 range area of effect.

When you are taking an objective such as a drake, Rift Herald, or Baron Nashor drop down a control ward to reveal and disable enemy wards.

Pro-Tip 1:

DO NOT attack the enemy wards that are revealed by your control ward as this will give the enemy team vision of the champion attacking the enemy ward.

Control Wards also reveal stealthed traps such as Teemo's Noxious Trap, Jhin's Lotus Trap from Captive Audience, Nidalee's Bushwhack traps, and Shaco's [[Jack in...
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26 Jan
-What is the situation on the map?
-Based on that assessment what do I want to do?
-What do I need to make it happen?
-Do it

You need to be able to answer these questions even when you are chasing that fing Ezreal/ Kayn/ Fiora with 28 hit points left after a won team fight, because if you don't you are going to miss out on actually important things like getting Baron or taking a Dragon or getting your lanes right for the next thing you want to be doing on the map.

If not you are tunneled and tunneling is going to lead to more problems/more missed...
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24 Jan

The scenario - ganking Top lane at level 3 after a Blue > Wolves > Red > Rift Scuttler start.

You should have an idea where the enemy jungler is based on which of their laners came to lane late. So, if you are mirroring them you can expect them to be right behind you if you have the faster three camp clear or ahead of you waiting in a bush if they have the faster three camp clear.

Case in point. Shyvana vs Hecarim. As Shyvana I tried to pull this off on a Vladimir vs our...
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15 Jan

Views: 1229 Why Zoe is cancer

I've had Zoe in games before and while annoying, I didn't have to deal with her in lane until last night where I ended up against one as Swain.

Among other things, which I 'll get to in a bit, the problem is her trading pattern, which is to hit one to two long range Qs and you've lost the lane.

After the first one you have to burn all your consumables to stay in lane because you know one more without healing will quite likely kill you, especially when she applies the Ignite that she got...
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