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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Ganking

09 Oct
Working on collecting information on being a better jungler.

Information is interesting. As with many things timing and circumstance matter.

You might get stellar advice, but not be ready to implement it due to needing other pieces of the puzzle to resolve themselves first.

If you watch a masterful martial artist perform a technique on an opponent, what you get at first might be something along the lines of, well he blocked their punch and then clotheslined their opponent and they fell down.

But when you break it down your realize that very little force was actually used, so it...
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20 Mar

Views: 815 Ganking

Tarzaned offers coaching of a Kindred game play for a sometime Master tier player.

There are several things to take away from this coaching session, but the one I found most interesting for where I am at is what to do when an enemy laner is running Ignite.

So you run Ignite for increased kill pressure. Other summoner spells tend to scale better later in the game, so that means you will want to use your Ignite to get kills early. That probably means a laner with Ignite is going to play aggressively.

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24 Jan

Views: 1082 Ganking

The scenario - ganking Top lane at level 3 after a Blue > Wolves > Red > Rift Scuttler start.

You should have an idea where the enemy jungler is based on which of their laners came to lane late. So, if you are mirroring them you can expect them to be right behind you if you have the faster three camp clear or ahead of you waiting in a bush if they have the faster three camp clear.

Case in point. Shyvana vs Hecarim. As Shyvana I tried to pull this off on a Vladimir vs our...
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04 Oct

Views: 780 Ganking

Thinking through something that has been a problem for me.

Nothing looks like a surefire gank opportunity.

You still have choices of what to do:

1) Take scuttle crab
2) Get wards down at probable locations where their jungler or laners will walk through.
3) Invade the enemy jungle
4) Force* a gank

I'm not much for #4. But.

Think about what you might lose for getting some damage or blowing a Flash or Ghost on an enemy laner.

*don't be stupid about it. Don't gank into a huge minion wave. don't gank if your laner is really low unless you are sure you can kill...
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