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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Vision

18 Nov

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I don't recall exactly where I heard this, but I've used it and it works.

It works for any major objective such as Rift Herald, Dragon, or Baron, but we are specifically going to talk about Baron because high Silver/Low Gold teams often struggle with closing out games especially if the enemy team has decent wave clear and so you need Baron enhanced minions to help with sieging.

Push the enemy team out of the side of the jungle where the Baron resides. Then place a Control Ward in the Baron pit. One in the bush beside Red and one in the bush by Raptors and then sweep the area of...
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04 Apr

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This isn't an invitation to hate them or hate on them, it is just a fact that you need to play around if you want to win.

At Silver and Low Gold you have to micromanage your team in the early game. The do not know gank timers, jungle paths, nor do they often look up from their CSing or trading to check their mini-map.

They will die to ganks from junglers that walk over wards.

They will die to ganks even after you have pinged out the location of the enemy jungler.

They will die to ganks even after they tell you to stop pinging because they see the enemy jungler.

As soon as...
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08 Feb

Views: 1787 Vision

Control Wards Disable ememy wards that are in their 600 range area of effect.

When you are taking an objective such as a drake, Rift Herald , or Baron Nashor drop down a control ward to reveal and disable enemy wards.

Pro-Tip 1:

DO NOT attack the enemy wards that are revealed by your control ward as this will give the enemy team vision of the champion attacking the enemy ward.

Control Wards also reveal stealthed traps such as Teemo's Noxious Trap, Jhin's Lotus Trap from Captive Audience, Nidalee's Bushwhack traps, and Shaco's [[Jack in...
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01 Nov

Views: 810 Vision

I've had a number of games of late where my teams lacked in the basic fundamentals of doing head counts and setting up proper vision which lost us those games.

If you decide it is a great idea to siege at turret in X lane and don't have any wards out on your flanks and haven't swept for wards behind you then you are taking unnecessary chances.

In your map awareness checks do a head count. Generally you want to be 5 unless you are losing 5 v 5s and you have a strong splitpusher with Teleport available. In the later scenario you are trying to win by creating two points of...
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07 Jun
Tweaked and reposted from my ranked update thread.

I received coaching from Bot Only a Diamond 1/sometime Master ranked NA player.

We did an active game review and a couple of VOD reviews of games I had played. We used Skype to share my screen though I found that I had to change my in-game video display setting to Borderless from Full Screen as it kept dropping me out of League, which resulted in an early death when I had a game drop and their jungler or Mid laner spotted me out.

Other than that and some idiot teammates I ended up ahead in farm and XP compared to my counterpart...
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