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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Counterganks

17 Apr
Actually they don't.

And if they are healthy after a gank they may be coming for you next.

Pan to the gank and watch. See if anyone uses a summoner spell or ultimate.

Check how healthy the enemy junger is and which direction their character model is facing as it goes into the fog of war.

They may stop to do scuttle crab, but if they were facing down river to your lane they may be coming for your next.

Graves, Lee Sin, Kindred, Elise, and now Kai'Sa are the champions that I see do this most frequently because they have quick clears, tend to stay...
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04 Apr
This isn't an invitation to hate them or hate on them, it is just a fact that you need to play around if you want to win.

At Silver and Low Gold you have to micromanage your team in the early game. The do not know gank timers, jungle paths, nor do they often look up from their CSing or trading to check their mini-map.

They will die to ganks from junglers that walk over wards.

They will die to ganks even after you have pinged out the location of the enemy jungler.

They will die to ganks even after they tell you to stop pinging because they see the enemy jungler.

As soon as...
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