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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Timing

17 Apr
Actually they don't.

And if they are healthy after a gank they may be coming for you next.

Pan to the gank and watch. See if anyone uses a summoner spell or ultimate.

Check how healthy the enemy junger is and which direction their character model is facing as it goes into the fog of war.

They may stop to do scuttle crab, but if they were facing down river to your lane they may be coming for your next.

Graves, Lee Sin, Kindred, Elise, and now Kai'Sa are the champions that I see do this most frequently because they have quick clears, tend to stay...
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16 Jun
Assuming I have all the math right, this should be a fairly complete list of the possible cooldowns on most of the summoner spells.

It is a lot of information that I wouldn't expect most people to encode. This is more of a baseline that I can work with to distill down and gave me a chance to play with tables.

It is interesting information if you think of say Sona running Flash and 3 points in Summoner's Insight and wearing Enchantment: Distortion on her boots, she can Flash Crescendo your team every 3 minutes and 30 seconds, which is a big difference compared...
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