This isn't an invitation to hate them or hate on them, it is just a fact that you need to play around if you want to win.

At Silver and Low Gold you have to micromanage your team in the early game. The do not know gank timers, jungle paths, nor do they often look up from their CSing or trading to check their mini-map.

They will die to ganks from junglers that walk over wards.

They will die to ganks even after you have pinged out the location of the enemy jungler.

They will die to ganks even after they tell you to stop pinging because they see the enemy jungler.

As soon as an enemy jungler is not visible on the map your laners will forget that they exist.

I've seen an enemy jungler go Top > Mid > Bot killing Rift Scuttlers along the way and get kills or summoner spells despite the fact that it is completely obvious what their plan is to you as the jungler.

If you know where the enemy jungler is at you need to type it out. If you see them on a ward you need to type it out.

Jungle Top river. Care Top and Mid.
Jungle at Gromp. Care Bot side and Mid.

If you have a chance is the 2v2 or the 3v3 you need to path there sooner rather than later for the countergank.

You constantly need to keep vision in the enemy jungle so that you can track the enemy jungle in order to make these sorts of call.

Generally ward the enemy Raptor bush and the enemy blue buff. And watch the enemy jungler's facing (the way their characters model is looking) to get an idea of what direction they are headed in.

Keep control of the Rift Scuttler as best you can.

Have a Control Ward down on the map at all times and if you can afford it have two in your inventory.

Vision will win you games, but you have to use it and your team usually needs nudges to make the right decisions. Help yourself and them by noting things that might have escaped their attention.