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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Farming

02 Apr
Found this jungle coaching gem while checking out PsiGuard's Rek'Psi guide.

It is a video of H4xDefender coaching a D5 jungler (Tahm Kench main) on Rek'sai. The actual jungler is not all that important as most of the concepts discussed were simply about jungling itself, which H4xDefender says is where most people fall down (the macro side, not the mechanics side).


If you use your Flash aggressively it needs to be worth it. E.g. Flashing for first blood even though you end up dying. Worth.

Flashing to get a kill that gets your team an objective even...
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25 Oct

Views: 1024 Farming

I get this **** - we'll call it every 5 games or so.

"Are you just going to farm your jungle?"

No, but I am going to prioritize guaranteed gold and XP HIGHLY!

If in the process of farming a

-tower crash dive
-counter jungling
-warding to get vision on the enemy jungler

Opportunity presents itself and I recognize it then I will take it.

The problem is that laners are really asking you to win their lane for them and that is not strictly a jungler's job.

I have a lane. It is called the jungle. It is guaranteed gold and XP that is...
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07 Jun
Tweaked and reposted from my ranked update thread.

I received coaching from Bot Only a Diamond 1/sometime Master ranked NA player.

We did an active game review and a couple of VOD reviews of games I had played. We used Skype to share my screen though I found that I had to change my in-game video display setting to Borderless from Full Screen as it kept dropping me out of League, which resulted in an early death when I had a game drop and their jungler or Mid laner spotted me out.

Other than that and some idiot teammates I ended up ahead in farm and XP compared to my counterpart...
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