Found this jungle coaching gem while checking out PsiGuard's Rek'Psi guide.

It is a video of H4xDefender coaching a D5 jungler (Tahm Kench main) on Rek'sai. The actual jungler is not all that important as most of the concepts discussed were simply about jungling itself, which H4xDefender says is where most people fall down (the macro side, not the mechanics side).


If you use your Flash aggressively it needs to be worth it. E.g. Flashing for first blood even though you end up dying. Worth.

Flashing to get a kill that gets your team an objective even if you die. Worth.

Flashing just for a kill later in the game and dying? Not worth it. 1 kill = 300g (approximately). Your Flash is almsot always worth more than 300g.


Invade when your laners have priority. You don't necessarily have to hard commit to anything, but you can bully the enemy jungler which puts pressure on the jungler and his laners, because they have to choose between farming and helping their jungler, which may make them miss CS or get chunked by your laners if they move to help their jungler. You laners also have the option to block the movements of the enemy laners and because they have better paths to assist you then they will arrive before the enemy laners.

When you invade always try to get vision down. You need vision to set up aggressive plays. Don't gank if you don't have vision on the enemy jungler.

When to Farm/Down Time

Down time. Clear your jungle camps when you have down time. Down time can be when your laners are not in lane or someone goes back to get a sidewave pushing. If you do decided to gank when one of your laners is back you need to be damn sure the enemy laners and their jungler are accounted for because it should be obvious to the enemy jungler which lane is gankable, so that narrows the options they have to cover.

Where to ward

If you get Rift Scuttler don't ward the pixel bush in the river. Place your ward deeper in the enemy junlge. It can be okay to ward the pixel bushes if you don't have the rift scuttler.

Try to get your wards by the Raptor camp and near Blue buff and WATCH which way the enemy jungler goes as this will give you some insight on what their intentions are.

E.g. if blue is not up and they path down then they may be going to grab the rift scuttler on that side of the map in order to gank your laner. If they path in another direction that means they are probably going to take a jungle camp.

BUY CONTROL WARDS every time you base.

Objectives to Focus

Which turrets are low? First blood turret is worth something like 900 gold. If you know a turret is low then center your attention around that turret. It is also concentrated gold. First blood turret is better than ANY other objective on the map. This can make Rift Herald more valuable than a dragon in the early game if it can give you first blood turret.

Count the number of times that you get first blood turret. If you are not getting it at least 5/10 games then you need to fix that. You need to develop something of one track mind about this.

If you get some kills, look at the turret in the lane every time and decide if you have enough resources to get the turret. If the opposing team only has one champion defending a turret and you have three there to take it they should not be able to defend your siege unless they have really good wave clear.

Early game. Path to the easiest lane to gank.

After that where do I path to get a first blood turret?

After that it is how do I path to my next objective? Next turret

Macro or Mechanics?

Get your macro down so you have to rely less on your mechanics. Somedays your mechanics will be off, but if you are making good macro deicsions then that will not matter until you get to a point where everyone plays the macro game well.

Team fighting

Do you fight front to back (tanks -> carriers) or back to front (carries -> tanks)?

H4xDefender doesn't talk about this decision making process that much that I recall, just that it is a thing.

I believe one thing that was mentioned is if you have something like Black Cleaver you can target the frontline in order to shred the armor of the tanks so that your carries can more easily focus them down.

Decision Making

Starts around 1:58:21 in the video. Basically a summary of what you should be thinking before going for plays.

Don't play in a bubble. See play. Go for play and let Jesus take the wheel. (terrible)

-What will this gank/play accomplish?
--Will my laner be able to snowball off of this kill?
--Will I be able to fight the enemy jungler with the gold from this kill?
--Will we be able to get an objective?
-Where are the enemy laners?
-How long will the play take?
-How fast can you kill them?
-Can the enemy jungler show up if you don't kill them quickly?
-Where is the enemy Mid laner?
-Can the enemy Mid laner show up if you have to chase your target under their turret?


Path with purpose. When you back think about which lanes you want to influence. E.g. Which lane looks like it can give your first turret?

Path to to that lane. Start at Gromp or Krugs if that happens to be one of your side lanes and then work your way in.