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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Warding

15 Oct

Views: 2574 Warding

Let's start with a preamble.

I don't like invading in most cases. It is too high risk. You stand to lose as much or more as you gain and you throw the entire jungle pathing out of whack so you and your jungler will have less of an idea of what pathing the enemy jungler will use.

But if you learn to setup properly to make yourself aware that an invade is occurring you will increase your likelihood of winning games. High percentage.

So this discussion is for everyone, not just junglers.

As soon as the game begins buy and be ready to run out of base as soon as the...
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02 Apr
Found this jungle coaching gem while checking out PsiGuard's Rek'Psi guide.

It is a video of H4xDefender coaching a D5 jungler (Tahm Kench main) on Rek'sai. The actual jungler is not all that important as most of the concepts discussed were simply about jungling itself, which H4xDefender says is where most people fall down (the macro side, not the mechanics side).


If you use your Flash aggressively it needs to be worth it. E.g. Flashing for first blood even though you end up dying. Worth.

Flashing to get a kill that gets your team an objective even...
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22 Apr
To start this isn't about invading and killing the enemy jungler.

While related that is beyond the scope of what I want to discuss, which is what do I look for to know I have a good chance of getting in and getting out of the enemy jungle?

So first thing, if you don't know where the enemy jungler is the answer is no*. Stay out except for shallow excursions to steal their raptor camp and quickly drop shallow wards. Even when you do this watch the enemy midlaner's position. If they start moving toward you turn around.

The main time I go into the enemy jungle is when they are...
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11 Apr

Views: 472 Warding

While perusing LOL Reddit Summoner School, I found a link to this streamer and some coaching sessions he had done with players right around my level (Silver).

The content centers largely around decision making which is definitely something I struggle with around jungling where your time is super important as you constantly have to make decisions around farming, ganking, and counter jungling.

E.g. If you are blue side and you've just taken dragon and you've got jungle camps up on both sides of your jungle where do you go? Answer likely Top...
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26 Sep
This is going to be targeted at Bronze - Silver level players because that is the level of gameplay that I know. These tips are some of the things that I know have made me better.

Read These:

Both of these guides are worth reading in full, however I am going to pull out certain segments that are really crucial to getting better at the game.

This little treatise on resource management is worth its weight in gold.

Resouce Management

This. If you ADC. This. This. This....
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