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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Decisions

04 Mar
Don't attach your personal worth to how good you are at League. You'll get to the rank you should be at in around 100 games if you are new. Probably somewhat less than that if you are very good and haven't let your skills lapse during pre-season by taking a break.

Once you've settled where you as to your rank you have to decide how much work you want to do to improve.

There is quite a bit of advice out there on improving.

I for one want to get things done in the early game so I have a bit of a bad habit of overextending to try and kill the enemy jungler or steal as many of...
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30 Nov

Views: 1862 Decisions

Maybe. This is an awkward moment for laners for a number of reasons:

-You probably can't clear minion waves quickly, yet
-Even if you can it will probably cause you to burn a lot of resources such as mana, which might make helping awkward
-You may not have access to all your abilities, yet
-Blowing all your abilities to clear a wave may open you up to attack by your lane opponent
-Your lane opponent may move first to support their invading jungler so you have to be careful about getting ambushed on your way to support your jungler
--you may not win the 2 v 2
--you may not win the...
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17 Jul

Views: 581 Decisions

Any time you walk back into your own jungle on low health, after a gank for instance, you need to be cognizant of the fact that you are vulnerable, especially if you blew you mobility spells such as Flash or Ghost.

So the answer to the question of "Can I take just one more camp before backing?"

Needs to include the following survey:

Is their jungler dead?
If their jungler is not dead, where did you last see them?
Were they healthy?

Where are their other laners?

Where are my laners?

So if your answers come up as

Same side of the map as me or...
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14 Apr

Views: 674 Decisions

The age old adage. Don't play mechanically intensive champions until you understand the game better. However, what is often lacking in that advice is a good description of what understanding the game better means.

Let's take Lee Sin as an example. Lee has a ton of ways to gank or effect plays around the map.

One combo that I've seen described is to hit them with a Sonic Wave (Q), place a Stealth Ward or Vision Ward behind them, Safeguard (W) to the ward, auto attack (AA) them, activate Tempest (E) for some additional damage, nail them with [[Dragon's...
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11 Apr

Views: 415 Decisions

While perusing LOL Reddit Summoner School, I found a link to this streamer and some coaching sessions he had done with players right around my level (Silver).

The content centers largely around decision making which is definitely something I struggle with around jungling where your time is super important as you constantly have to make decisions around farming, ganking, and counter jungling.

E.g. If you are blue side and you've just taken dragon and you've got jungle camps up on both sides of your jungle where do you go? Answer likely Top...
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