Don't attach your personal worth to how good you are at League. You'll get to the rank you should be at in around 100 games if you are new. Probably somewhat less than that if you are very good and haven't let your skills lapse during pre-season by taking a break.

Once you've settled where you as to your rank you have to decide how much work you want to do to improve.

There is quite a bit of advice out there on improving.

I for one want to get things done in the early game so I have a bit of a bad habit of overextending to try and kill the enemy jungler or steal as many of their camps as I can. Which is actually a little funny because when I first started jungling anything past the river was "That Scary Dark Place Over There".

So how could I improve on this and also use the information I have to make the right choice to get the most for my time and my team?

From a game I played this AM. This was a bit after I woke up so I might not have been firing on all cylinders.


Kassadin does not have priority over Ahri. And I believe though I'm not certain that Irelia does not have priority over Yorick.

I know this but not by heart. I don't instantly think to myself they will have priority so invading on this side of the map is high risk.

Ahri hit me with the first part of her Q when I went to ward the Top side pixel bush. It would be highly likely that she warded the pixel bush.

I thought of this and later ignored it.

Red > Krugs > Scuttle

Saw Twitch on the top side pixel bush that I had asked Kassadin to ward (ask your Mid laner to ward this as it protects them more than it protects your Top laner). Kassadin played it safe and moved to the opposite side of the lane. Twitch hung around for a bit and then gave up.

What would Twitch do next? I assumed he would go to my Blue, but he went to his Blue instead. So I ran into him at his Blue. Which makes sense because he probably knew where I was at and his laners had priority. Also Twitch isn't great at taking multi-target camps so he wants the single target camps which are Blue and Gromp.

What I should have done was gank Yorick or Ahri. But most likely Yorick since he was shoved up further and I'd be out of vision for a bit as I revved up my snowball. Instead I ended up getting collapsed on and dying to the Twitch and Yorick and all I got in exchange was Twitch's Flash and he isn't really a flash reliant ganker.

I later ganked Yorick as I should have done that time and Irelia and I killed him.

So essential I need to be better at quickly processing the information that I have.

Though process - Scuttle I'm after is probably warded and their laners have priority so what are my options? Eat scuttle and then go out of vision toward Dragon pit and roll in on Yorick who is pushed despite knowing where I'm at.

Downsides on this is that I probably lose part or all of my Blue side jungle, but if I immediately recalled after killing or getting Yorick's Flash I could have potentially caught Twitch at one of the camps and killed him with slightly less risk of his laners coming to his aid.

Later in the game I found Twitch on his Krugs by warding over the Krug wall. I typed out in chat that Twitch was Bot side and pinged where he was at and my laners ignored me and died to a gank by the Twitch.

My alternative there was to simply burn some time and wait for the countergank. I chose not to do that which apparently was the wrong decision. My inclination was to think my laners were idiots, but there was the potential there to make us all look like geniuses.

In the end the Yorick snowballed out of control and ran around shoveling everyone to death include our towers when I could have killed him earlier pushing back the point at which he became a menace.